Karaoke Idol Quest 2009

Karaoke Idol Quest 2009

Under the auspices of

Karen Welfare Association of WA Inc.

Andrew Karaoke KingJenny Karaoke Queen

(Andrew & Jenny Our 2004 Winners)

We are pleased to announce our coming Karaoke Idol Quest 2009

to be held on Saturday, 10 October 2009

Venue: Queen’s Park Recreational Centre

Central Road, Queen’s Park 6107

Western Australia

Time: 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Tickets: $5.00

We invite both male & female participants to pitch their talents

in the Quest for the Best Male & Female Singers.

Competition will be in two age- categories: Over 40 & Under 40

Total of 4 Prizes will be awarded

All proceeds from this event will go towards helping the

Internally Displaced People & Refugees in the Thai /

Burma border

For more info please contact:

Paul Chong 0411 589 888

Richard Lwin 9358 6823 / 0414 417 820

Email: paul21chong@gmail.com

Authentic Asian food, sweets and soft drinks

will be on sale.

Special TalentOur Special Young Talent 2004

Our last successful event was held in 2004.

We trust all Karaoke enthusiasts to give us the same



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