Brave New World

Brave New World


21st Century is dawning a brave new world

No longer should there be fear, spin & whirl

A new global order is descending

The shifting of power is ascending.

Advocates of such a dream have been many

Paradise engineering once shared by Aldous Huxley

Bewitching & fictional though it be

Could well turn into a scientific reality.

In mournful numbers it’s been told

By glory seeking politicians fiery and bold

With our dreams and aspirations held up high

Only to find ourselves driven sadly to sigh.

Though colonisation concept is lost and gone

Modern democratic imperialism renders a new song

From Korea, Vietnam to Iraq & Afghanistan

The cause of the nations will make their stand.

Each nation has its own living and needs

Each individual and family know how to live

Without domination and manipulation

The natural order of survival ever in motion.

To live and let live

To be and let be

A harmonious and peaceful co-existence

Devoid of greed and avarice.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Friday 24 July 2009


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