US Bailing Out Europe?

By P Chong                                         14 May 2010

Milton Friedman (late economist) said: “only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.”

In other words, catastrophes and crises, according to Friedman and his ilk, are golden opportunities for imposing ideas that would otherwise be rejected under normal conditions.

One World Order

According to a report from Weiss Research Inc. on 10 May 2010, America is stepping in to bail out the European debtor nations – with “unbacked dollars out of thin air” – more correctly with “debt-based dollars”!

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke announced that the Federal Reserve will print UNLIMITED amount of U.S. dollars and then use them to buy bonds offered by failing European governments.

First, the Fed printed billions to bail out Fannie and Freddie … billions more to bail out failed bankers . . . and billions more to bail out failed automakers . . . AIG . . .

Now, Bernanke plans to print an UNLIMITED amount of dollars to bail out Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain . . . the entire European Union!

This blank-check scheme, recently worked out with European leaders, assures them that the Fed will create “dollars out of thin air” and then use those greenbacks to buy European bonds — many of them are junk bonds.

On top of this sheer madness, consider this: Over the weekend, Bernanke and the Fed also agreed to create unlimited amount of debt-based dollars to bail out Japan (its financial saviour, how ironic) . . . plus up to $30 billion to bail out Canada . . . plus billions more to bail out the government of Switzerland.

Lest it be forgotten, The United States of America is indebted to China & Japan (Supposedly in trouble too) to a tune of trillion of dollars!

This is utterly & totally insane! Already the American ship is in deep waters & yet it is speeding towards rescuing their sinking Europeans & others. Is this an act of guilt conscience? No . . . not really . . . but it’s revealing one massive hidden agenda . . . a global conspiracy game . . . the emergence of one global financial system!!!

There is no other way to say it: The Federal Reserve has just lit the fuse on one of the greatest explosions of paper money in history . . . an explosion in the supply of dollars that can only gut the value of every other dollar in circulation.” (Weiss Research)

Let’s fast-track into the future: it’s going to be a world, though politically & territorially apart, of one “central financial system” controlled by the Wall Street “Financial Mafia”.

With the world’s delinquent nations spinning out of control generating a strong centrifugal force & engulfing others one by one, the “Financial Mafia” of IMF, an institution linked to Wall Street, is grappling the force & settling it into one fully integrated financial system. Obviously, henceforth where will the power of control be?

The fact that Greece is in turmoil with civil uprising & rioting is attributed to the Greeks’ hatred & resentment of the stringent conditions imposed by IMF (international Monetary Fund).

This is nothing more than highway robbery: It can only deplete the value — the buying power — of every dollar the Americans earn, save, invest and plan to live on in retirement.”(Weiss Research)

Meanwhile, European investors, not fully aware of the hidden danger & implication of all this, are laughing all the way to the bank. The news that the Americans are picking up the tab for their out-of-control spending has triggered massive stock market gains all across the Continent.

All that glitters is not gold!

Is this some sort of political game?

What is US really up to, bailing out the European delinquent nations with money they don’t have?

This is so noble of the Americans sacrificing their own buying power & financial security so that European debtor nations can avoid default and continue to giving bonuses & luxury pensions to their workers!

“Capitalism creates a rational frame of mind which, having destroyed the moral authority of so many other institutions, in the end turns against its own.” – Joseph A. Schumpeter

As it is, the Eurozone is coming up with an exigency plan of their own to secure a value of one trillion exigency fund.


New World Order

Everybody needs to have a rethink & think straight about all these debt-based dollars being created!

The world’s financial system is undergoing massive upheavals & what’s emerging will be a one-world financial system.

Bits of puzzle are falling into place to reveal the Big Picture!

Just think of the hidden agenda & global conspiracy of the coming of one-world system or government as biblically predicted.

There is an underlying sinister agenda to bring about globally every nation under one “Financial Empire System”.

“Some people stockpile canned goods and water in preparation for major disasters,” Naomi Klein, an investigative journalist in her book ‘The Shock Doctrine,’ writes. “Friedmanites stockpile free-market ideas. And once a crisis has struck…it was crucial to act swiftly, to impose rapid and irreversible change before the crisis-racked society slipped back into the ‘tyranny of the status quo’.”

Everybody has an opinion!

What about yours?

Let’s hear it.

Obama – Bowing To “Who” Or “Hu”

By Paul Chong Friday 20 November 2009

Democrat President Obama Bowing to Emperor Akihito

President Obama would unconsciously be reminded by memories of his boyhood’s Muslim upbringing that the shortest distance between a problem & a solution is the distance between his knees & the floor. That would be kneeling down before Allah to stand up to anything in the world!

At least the Christians would believe in doing their best, and leave God to do the rest. Bur alas I have been reminded that the Americans have been throwing God out of their life’s equation. I believe that Obama, consciously or unconsciously, is living out a life of religious conflict.

He is the first American President (Afro in origin, imported from Kenya) known to bow to foreign dignitaries. First he bowed to the Saudi King & then it was a “wow bow” to Emperor Akihito. In the Los Angeles Times (November 14, 2009) he was reported as “How low will he go?”. He has aroused all sorts of sentiment among the American people.

Obama Bowing to Saudi King

Has the switch & change in the Democrat foreign policies brought this on? The change has meant less confrontational approach towards Iran & North Korea. This change towards a conciliatory & co-operative diplomacy is certainly apparent in Obama’s recent Asian outreach. He is obviously acting out “the call to action” since receiving his controversial Nobel Peace Prize. What has he achieved, if anything, after the initial nine months of his presidency?

Obama, for all his rhetoric, lacks the mark of a great man’s aura. He looks simply plain. At least, George W Bush exhibited the gait of a six-gun shooter. There’s the creeping question whether his “painting with words” would be matched by his action & commitments. In short, could he fulfil his dream of change? He will yet be judged by history.

However, Obama missed out one great bow – not to “who” but to “Hu”. In his address in Japan he emphasied that America was not out to “contain” China. Yet his many moves & appeals to China betrayed that intention, & it’s left to wonder whether the American generals, the avid practitioners of the full spectrum dominance doctrine were listening.

China is not a new nation nor small in status by any comparison. Foreign countries have had taken advantage of China during its past repose & rest. For a greater part of human history, China has been known to be great & far advanced than any other. China means “Middle Kingdom” – half-way between heaven & earth. It is also the centre of civilization or globalization in the present context. As in the tradition of Chinese kungfu martial arts, new skills are unmatched to the old master’s.

Obama must remember that China does not have to be dominant in order to be prominent. Co-existence, mutual help, & co-operation rather than confrontation are key pointers to peace & harmony. This is the type of foreign policies preached & practised by China since the dawn of history. Such would be the basis for the new world order. For this reason, China has surged ahead in its dealing with Africa & Southeast Asia leaving US way behind.

China & the rest of the Asian countries are no doubt pleased to hear of Obama describing himself as “America’s first Pacific president” & even of his boast of having a half-brother living in China’s glorious booming special economic zone of Shenzhen.

Liu Mingkang

It would be unthinkable for China to accede to US pressure on its currency policy. At a recent Beijing forum, Liu Mingkang, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, highlighted the fact that the very weak US dollar & low interest US interest rates are creating “unavoidable risks for the recovery of the global economy, especially the emerging economies”. This is “seriously impacting global asset prices & encouraging speculation in stock & property markets”.

The above scenario goes to show that US is more responsible for the problem than the solution. Why would or should the Chinese listen to US hectoring, when US keeps printing its “fiat” money without restraint? Should the Chinese be expected to prop them up?

In his four-day visit to China, Obama did not miss out the hallmark of China – the Great Wall of China. Taking in the sights is one thing, but having a better insight of the greatness of China is yet another! Had he bowed to Hu, Obama would have reaped greater bonuses than all the bows he had executed with the Saudi King & Emperor Akihito.

President Hu jin-tao

Hu Jin-tao, the Chinese “sifu” President would gladly have shown Obama what China is doing right, in contrast to US, to resuscitate, rejuvenate to recover from this economic crisis. While US “stimulus” package has largely been channelled to bailing out the greedy & seedy, China’s economic stimulus package has been towards productive economic infrastructure, creation of businesses & jobs. It is undeniably true that greed begets more greed, and seeding it will be breeding it. No end will be in sight . . . sorrowfully for US.

Let’s just roam through some vibrant economic activities in China:

  • Pearl River Delta – China’s factory of the world, the hub of manufacturing & endless assembly lines.
  • The Yang-Tze Delta – the hub of capital-intensive industry,car production, semiconductors & computers.
  • Zhongguancun just outside Beijing – China’s Silicon valley.
  • The many immense info-tech malls – bursting with smallbusinesses manned by industrious, well-educated youth, wellmotivated & eager to trade & deal.

It is not as though technology is completely new to China, rather China had never looked at it with the eyes of the Western democratic capitalism. China’s way of economic development may well be the best there is after Deng Xiaoping’s foresight & economic vision. This is totally transparent without any hidden agenda, unlike the British with their scheming, devious & hideous diplomacy & imposing an unforgivable opium war upon the Chinese in the 19th century.

The new world order, as preached & executed by China, is hopefully being heeded by US. As advocated, this will be strategically based on economic independence with due respect to cultural & political differences. The four BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) emerging economies are in accord along this economic road to development. Consolidation of Asia as opposed to fragmentation, that which the West & the Northern rich countries like to create. The former Soviet Union knows full well what it means to be fragmented.

China will not dominate to facilitate deals with other sovereignties. Loans are given without any political strings attached & accessible without any hefty corporate commissions or consultation fees & conditions. China invariably has been engaged in vast, complex infrastructure projects that result in costing not more but less than half the price charged by IMF.

In the kungfu duel, the old master or “sifu” always has more up in his sleeves to overcome his opponent, brilliant & young he may be. Trustingly, some of the Eastern upbringing in Obama’ childhood still remained intact & will serve him well as his “third” eye . . . that he may see the ills & ailments of the US state of affairs.

Ironically & symbolically, Barack Obama found himself in an unusually vulnerable position during his first visit to China . When Obama campaigned for the presidency with an inspiring message of hope and change, no one guessed that this would mean deferring to Beijing on the international stage.

Brave New World

Brave New World


21st Century is dawning a brave new world

No longer should there be fear, spin & whirl

A new global order is descending

The shifting of power is ascending.

Advocates of such a dream have been many

Paradise engineering once shared by Aldous Huxley

Bewitching & fictional though it be

Could well turn into a scientific reality.

In mournful numbers it’s been told

By glory seeking politicians fiery and bold

With our dreams and aspirations held up high

Only to find ourselves driven sadly to sigh.

Though colonisation concept is lost and gone

Modern democratic imperialism renders a new song

From Korea, Vietnam to Iraq & Afghanistan

The cause of the nations will make their stand.

Each nation has its own living and needs

Each individual and family know how to live

Without domination and manipulation

The natural order of survival ever in motion.

To live and let live

To be and let be

A harmonious and peaceful co-existence

Devoid of greed and avarice.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Friday 24 July 2009