The ever increasing human problems in our modern day society is attributed largely to gross individualism and self-centeredness. Under the guise of human rights and individual freedom therein breeds abominable trend of modern day living of SODOM and GOMORRAH, that is even condoned by some churches, and which is openly and unashamedly exhibited in public eyes. No more the coy old days, when it was taboo to even talk about it!

When people deviate from the fundamental through the process of rationalization and justification, Satan under the guise of gross individualism and self-centeredness springs forth in all its ugliness.

God’s Commandments are very precise. They are no grey areas as people made out to be. Human ingenuity and supposedly superior intellect can only lead along the broad and straight road to condemnation and the gates of hell.

The degradation of human kind is evident everywhere.

Is there no hope?


Be God-centered.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Paul Chong

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss!

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss!

mime-attachmentCan you see a kissing couple?

A kiss is not just a kiss. It is the universal language depicting love, or an expression of greeting. Depending on which part of the world you’re in, some kiss on the hand or cheeks, some on the nose, others on the forehead and of course on the lips. The last of which is so often dramatised on the big screen or the small screen, and which to a large extent has influenced the modern world to think differently.

1500-1251~Gone-with-the-Wind-PostersWomen have always wondered what is like to be kissed by Clark Gable

This beautiful gesture and romantic touch or caress with lips often lead on to a pervasive action. In the world of moral degradation, a kiss means it’s a passport to sexual paradise. In a word, it is defined as:

“The upper gentle persuasion arousing one to lower physical

invasion culminating in the final erotic penetration.”

Sadly enough, the original beautiful concept no longer holds true. Today jumping in and out of bed is like changing clothes. You don’t even wash and wear. You just discard them as disposable. Good and decent girls these days find it hard to protect their modesty. Their “No” is to be taken as “Yes”.

Confucius had this to say in relation to the question of rape:

Women with skirts up run faster than men with trousers down.”

What a verified truism that is! Caught with the pants down men can hardly run. Mindful of this statement, it goes to prove that the element of consent may ever be present, for women can really fly with their skirts up!

Really, today’s value system has been switched. It’s topsy-turvy. Its price differs on an individual basis. Traditional value takes on the back stage. Modern value fronts the main stage. Where do you stand?

You’ll be the judge and jury!

Paul Chong