How It All Started

How It All Started

By Paul Chong
18 January 2020

Yesterday gathering at Sommerville Restaurant in Winthrop was a tremendous success. We had for the first time a full quorum with our spouces. The years may roll by but memories such as this will remain evergreen.

With the oldest octogenarian to the youngest septuagenarian, it seems like yesterday when we first started . . . assembling at McDonalds for free coffee before adjourning to our chosen restaurant for lunch for that day.
We even celebrated each other’s birthday in respective homes feasting away roasted suckling pigs. Somehow good things never last & our named group Senior Fraternity Initiative (SFI) took a slow dying path.

Clearly Raymond & I initiated the group in 19..? Raymond introduced Peter & Tony while I initiated Heng, Tommy, Frances & Richard. Some others were in our guest list but never got to stay.

Such is the origin of the Lunch Group. If your memory serves you better, please correct me if I am wrong.


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