Paul Chong
Sunday, 20 January 2019

I am the basis of all wealth
To enjoy me make sure of your health.
I am the heritage of the wise and thrifty
It’s acquired with measures both prudent and stingy.

I am the poor man’s joy and comfort
To the rich man it’s a prize and worth.
I am the right hand of capitalism
The silent partner of countless realisation.

I am the solace of the widow, comfort of the old
The corner stone of security, a fortune worth in gold.
I am passed on from generations to generations
As a thing of greatest worth and tribulations.

I am the choicest fruit of toil
And credit respects me with joy.
Yet unassuming, unshowing and humble I am
Standing before every man to know and possess as I am.

I grow and increase in value through the years
The economic cycle bids me no tears or fears.
Dormant as I am, worth keeps on increasing
Without fear of ever failing or ceasing.

Time, an enemy to many, is my friend
And increasing population makes me grand.
I defy fire and all elements earthly
For nothing can ever destroy me really.

My possessors learn to believe in me
Invariably they somehow become envied.
While all things wither, decay and die
I gain in value, strength, youth and survive.

Minerals like gold and silver come from me
I am the basis of all economic power and myth.
I produce the food you eat to live
Unthinkingly and unknowingly, you are standing on me.

Yet so common am I that you pass me by
I am L A N D ……….L…A…N…D!

Original by Paul Chong (Copyright)
5:15 am Sunday 16.10.94


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