Men’s Fascination With Cars

By Paul Chong    A Chinese By Descent . . . An Australian By Consent
Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ever since the Ford Model T, an automobile produced by Ford Motor Company, in October 1, 1908, men developed an obsessive fascination, a magnificent obsession, for cars. On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth Model T Ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in Highland Park, Michigan. A new world of transportation was born

The rich & famous collect cars by the millions in terms of cash. Among the top car collectors like the Sultan of Johore in Malaysia, the oil rich Sheiks in the Middle East, the Sultan of Brunei undoubtedly stands out supreme Rich beyond most people, he is simply rolling in with oil money & his cars roll in just as quickly as from the factories. All his cars are most unique adorned in gold or silver custom-made for him.

To me, the greater fascination is for the men who designed & built their cars from the ground up. Yesterday morning I met one such character, fort our purpose let’s call him Lester, who works up north in the mines of Western Australia, spending whatever spare time he had over a period of four years with a
stupendous racer as pictured.The engine is Mitsubishi &very other parts of the vehicle is specially crafted. It’s a two-seater with open top equipped more for a “rabbit on the run”.

At Kalamunda Men’s Shed, a place where blokes can meet, share stories, life’s experiences, learn & do stuff in woodwork or metalwork, I met this interesting guy who built this unique vehicle from the ground up. It’s one of its kind, original, Mitsubishi engine with lots of parts designed & built by the owner. Took him four years, while still working at the mines up north. A real personal pride, a piece of art to be admired. Would he sell? Not in a million years!


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