Paul Chong                            Saturday 18 November 2017
A Chinese by Descent
An Australian by Consent

I say ideas are like gold & ought to be mined      & s0ld.Some Quotable Quotes:

Ideas the greatest commodities in the world
When they come you are never told
Don’t be surprised by their appearance
Jotting them down will be a rich experience.

Their appearances don’t come by rhyme
Thoughts & ideas emerging all the time
Taking a shower or asleep ‘neath a sheet
Reading a book or seeing your footy team beat.

Ideas are opportunities knocking on the door
Be aware & you’ll never be poor
Ideas gained & ideas tilled
Committing to action means you’ll be fulfilled.

Ideas are rich & poor
Depending on how you stir
Begin now with your pen
Carrying them through will make you grand.

(Originally penned on Tuesday 3 July 1990 @ 4.40 am)


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