The Secrets of China’s Wonder

By Paul Chong                                                                                    Thursday, 26 January 2017images


  • China used more cement in 3 years than the USA did in a century.
  • Half of China’s infrastructure has been built only since 2000
  • China’s love for skyscrapers. 1260 buildings constructed which are above 150 metres
  • 95% of these structures built since 2000
  • Since 2010 China has spent $540 billions on railways
  • By 2020 it is projected that 60 per cent of the population will be urban dwellers
  • According to World Bank between 1981 & 2004, 500 million Chinese has been pulled out of poverty
  • According to BHP Australia, China is building a city equivalent to the size of Sydney every five days or the size of Chicago every single day.

No nations on earth can deny but help to wonder at the phenomenal growth & progress of China in the last 30 to 40 years . . . it’s magical, a modern miracle indeed. China did/does it all by itself without assistance. The CPC leaders like to attribute China’s success to its plans, policies & strategies . . . applying capitalism with essentially Chinese characteristics. China has taken the super-highways that no other nations ever did.

When Deng Xiaoping, the late Paramount Ruler of China, visited Singapore in 1978, Chinese leaders have looked for lessons in stewardship from Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore, a city-state with 0.4 percent the population of China and a landmass about half the size of Shanghai’s Pudong district. Deng had asked Lee Kuan Yew for his secrets & lessons of stewardship, its low crime rate, squeezy cleanliness & such robust economic growth.

“They think that the so-called Singapore model, single-party rule maybe can provide them something to maintain the Communist Party’s rule without losing too much in the process,” said Huang Jing, who has taught classes full of Chinese officials as a professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore.

Lee Kuan Yew in his humble reply advised Deng that China could attain success at an even faster rate than Singapore. After all, migrant Singaporean Chinese were all descendants from the lower strata of the Chinese society. The bulk of the Chinese population elite have always remained in China.

That point is most crucial. The wealth of a nation lies with the population mass of the nation. Given proper guidance, harnessing, inspiration & motivation, plans & programs, and most importantly swift implementation of work programs, success is assured. No question of bureaucratic delay, slow process of parliamentary debates & public comments to hinder getting work done.

Deng provided opportunities for business endeavours by opening up special economic zones in Quangzhou & Shenzhen. From this point onwards, China was on its way to surpass all other nations including the Singapore model. A outward policy & mindset were set in place.

Deng was credited to coin the slogan of “Forward March”. In Mandarin Chinese, 前 (Qian) sounds phonetically the same as 钱 (money). Hence onward focusing on “money”.

Without doubt, Chinese are the most assiduous in the pursuit of economic success – hardworking & working smart too, unrelenting with great capacity to bear hardship, most resourceful & innovative, very quick learners & a good high IQ.

Under the present Core Leader, President Xi Jinping, greater strides will be made. Open to the concept of globalisation, he discarded protectionism. In ancient China, it was their inward looking mindset that held back the nation. Reaching out to all parts of the world for trade & development started with the previous President Hu Jintao. President Xi continued to implement more outreach to Africa, Central & South America, Europe (East & West), Asian countries with the attractive offers on a “win-win” basis, total respect for all sovereignties, cooperation & sharing of economic benefits.

China does not believe in destabilising nations with regime to gain territorial footholds – often under the guise of democracy & freedom.China practices the theme of peace & harmony at home & abroad.

Mau Zedong, the Father of China, mobilised the so-dubbed “Weak Man of Asia” (by the Japanese) through the incredible Long March (October 1934 – October 1935) – a great test of human spirit, suffering, endurance. It was most unbelievable. The nation rose up as one, undivided & un- polarised, surging forward onto the stage of the world.

In this respect, General Chiang Kai-Sek should be ostracised, labelled as China’s traitor & a renegade general who escaped to Taiwan, the 23rd Province of China, with the help of the Americans.

President Xi Jinping’s wise implementation of the “Belt & Road” strategy will definitely go further in the building of Chinese dream. The strategy will regenerate China’s ancient past & further strengthen its economic growth & progress.

In a grand prix race, while others stall, you roar. Yes, China has its plans & policies put in the right place. Chinese who have been humiliated, suffered, deprived of the good things in life, can now stand tall with pride & dignity.

President Xi Jinping, implementing all the right strategies, is steady, cool & calm . . . unperturbed by the threats of the envious US, who like a wounded tiger is ever to pounce & prey on everyone . . . to make America great again.

China led &showed itself proudly to the world at the last G20 Summit in Hangzhou & the Economic Forum in Davos. President Xi ever ready with a warm welcome & friendly handshake.

China’s manpower of 1.3 plus billions will hold up China quite indefinitely. Thousands & millions are being trained, educated abroad returning with skills & technological knowledge to boost China’s economy.

With the sun setting in the west, the East will be enjoying greater sunrise in the days & years ahead & for always.


2 thoughts on “The Secrets of China’s Wonder

  1. Charles Christano

    2017-01-26 10:28 GMT+07:00 Charles Christano :

    > sorry Paul, what I alreadystarted for a rather extended letter is “lost” I > know not where. I hope against hope you got it though. > But allow me to continue: we who stay never gives up. As Christians, we > become double or triple minoririe, we have to survie. > > My parents decided to give the best callse we could have. Of course all is > by God’s grace. > So here I am, a didow, with three children, graduted from US colleges > (univesities), two live in US. > > So thank you for your sharing and analisis. Here I am by God’s gcae and > mercies. Thanks a lot. > > Peace: CC > > > > > 2017-01-26 5:19 GMT+07:00 P21chong’s Blog : > >> Paul posted: “By Paul Chong >> Thursday, 26 January 2017 No nations >> on earth can deny but help to wonder at the phenomenal growth & progress of >> China in the last 30 to 40 years ” >>

  2. Michael

    China is on a unstoppable economic quest; recent freight train that runs from Beijing to Germany with 200 containers has been witnessed with awe by many. They aim for freight engines that can tow 300 containers though still less than a 400 container Mersk container ship but this rail route cuts delivery of goods from 2 months to 2 weeks ; a no brainer for order to cash management, short self life goods and reduce dependency on sea route especially in view of the US-China South China Sea dispute. China is doing all it can to improve on her trade links and access. Recently news China funding port development in Malacca and Kuantan with a railway plan to connect between the two will present a cheaper and faster movement of goods bypassing costlier Singapore. There is also an agreement to build a canal across the Isthmus of Kra liken to that of the Panama.

    Not that China is undermining Singapore’s strategic seaport but she is doing to ensure its competitiveness and trade security through strategic investments and joint infrastructure development in trade route partner countries. Singapore must be feeling that Motherland has forgotten days when Chinese were interning to learn Singapore economic model and how LKY was so open to contribute towards China’s economic march. But on the contrary Singapore must continue to innovate herself to be relevant to her trade partners. And in this case recognise that China must take steps to build upon its strength as a economic powerhouse and the smaller Asian nations must figure out how to compliment by reengineerimg its economic model to fit and complement Motherland’s greater plan.

    China will do well while paving their long term strategy to include her long time partners and friends into her plan so as to coexist in harmony by prospering thy neighbours vs western colonisation and sanctions. By dong so China will truly become the trade centre of the world befitting to be known as The Middle Kingdom!

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