Showers of Warning Or Showers of Blessings


Paul Chong

It was a rainy day on Friday, January, 2017 when Mr. Donald John Trump (aged 70) was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The inaugural address he gave contained nothing new from his campaign trail. It’s full of rhetorics ahead of realities. I got the impression of the western cowboy of the days gone by . . . quick on the draw . . . rapid fire . . . with the desire of being the fastest gun alive.

Nothing seemed right. He was repeating the Oath of Office placing his left hand on his choice of of a set of Bibles held by his wife Melania. I maybe wrong as I thought it would be more proper for the minister to do this.

He spent some US$200 million for the inaugural ceremony, more than any other previous presidents and the inaugural audience is only a fraction of two-million-strong of Obama’s. This time around no foreign dignities were invited. And I thought he was going to be thrifty in the light of dwindling economy.

Trump is gripped with the fear of US losing its primer position to China. Trump emphatically voiced his slogan “Make America Great Again” without relent. Time alone would prove the possible outcome, but believe you me it will be a monumental task & challenge. Verbal convention is easy to render, implementation is often problematic. With so many campaign promises, also without any previous political experiences, he may be stamping upon grounds where even angels fear to tread. Granted he’s a successful billionaire businessman but politics, international affairs & foreign diplomacy are entirely different.

Domestically, polarisation is setting the nation apart. For the first time in modern history, a day after the Inauguration, more than 1 million rally at Women’s Marches in Washington and around the world. Just where will this end, your guess is as good as mine.

The world, particularly China, is watching US or rather Trump closely. His protectionism policy rings out loud & clear putting all nations on their toes.

“We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies, and destroying our jobs. Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength,” he said.

As it is, and always has been, US is easily the safest nation in the world. Geographically, politically, militarily no other nations globally can match US. To the north lies its friendly Canadian neighbour. To the south is its lesser superior Mexico. Out west US naval force virtually covers the whole Pacific Ocean. No European nations, including the African nations & the Middle nations would dare to declare war on US over the Atlantic Ocean. What better safety endowments could US ask for?

US military power is without challenge. With a thousand or so military bases encircling every corner of the world, nuclear arsenal unimaginable, air power & naval power, US not go around intimidating, threatening & encroaching upon other territorial land & seas.

Respect begets respect.
Friendship ensures friendship.
Terror results in greater terror.

Let there be Peace & Goodwill among mankind.


One thought on “Showers of Warning Or Showers of Blessings

  1. Michael

    Whatever good of the US democracy and election process, they have given to the Trump’s triumph. Here is a case where US own play games field has been won by an individual who is not a member of the establishment. And that has caused mayhem among the elites and their cronies. Trump understood the electorate college so well to have strategise correctly to win despite the incredible headwind against him. And had allowed the people who are against the establishments to vote for someone who vocalised their frustrations and disappointment over the many years of lies and deceptions thrown at them by the political elites from both major parties. It’s a Trump Party against not only Democrats but the are publicans too! Both parties have failed the average Americans miserably.
    US politics influence globally is so strong that many allied countries have fallen into the same politically chasm. Politicians are more concern about being politically correct vs correct policy making.
    Whether Trump is able to deliver the average Americans out of their frustrations and disappointments it remains to be seen. But for now they and Trump have established a bond and it will be to Trump’s good presidency if he can deliver at least some of his promises that can make a positive impact for the people. Bringing back jobs to US for the 50 million Americans who are on food stamps is as fundamental as China wanting to eradicate poverty among the rural farmers. US global industrialists have exploited cheap labour in Asian and LA countries to maximise profits without reinvesting into their own country and people. They keep on getting fatter in their wallet to buy up politicians who work for them vs the voters.
    Although globalised trade has allowed developing nations to grow through foreign investments but US MNCs have gone overboard with profit goals that they have forgotten their home social responsibility to provide jobs. Trump’s push to bring back factories may yet drive developing countries to be innovative to fill that void even though it may be painful initially. Just imagine the miles many goods travel today to reach our doorsteps; some may make sense but some may be putting our local producers out of business. Time to rationalise global trade; perhaps Trumpeconomics should be given a chance vs a status quo war mongerring Hillary.

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