Why War When Peace Can Achieve So Much More?

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Here’s one proposal for China to add to its many giant infrastructures that are reshaping the global landscape. It will certainly counter all the propaganda adversities constantly advocated by the aggressive West bent on regime changes under the guise of democracy, fighting terrorism,regime tyranny, the laughable weapons of mass destruction, intervening & disrespecting all sovereignties of lesser nations . . . all too conveniently camouflaging their own hidden agenda.



Human beings are not animals nor enemies . . . Why these ceaseless wars? Wars achieve nothing except atrocities, destruction, mass suffering & misery. Peace is the greatest achievement & prize of mankind to ensure a harmonious world of prosperity for all.

Instead of warships & aircraft carriers, the very weapons of mass destruction, the seas & oceans could be floating with ships of friendship, which all ports of call would welcome. Floating megaships that could serve as “Marine Ambassadors” or “China’s Ships of Peace & Goodwill” calling on BRICS members, friendly ports & countries towards building peace & harmony, sharing plans for economic growth & prosperity, financial help & assistance on a win-win situation.

These megaships could well be “Cruise Ships” for fun loving holiday makers, but to be well equipped with facilities for trading, cultural exchanges to build & foster relationships, promoting goodwill & friendship, sharing sort of like a permanent expo of human advances & technologies.

In line with Xi Jinping’s recreation of the “Maritime Silk Route” these megaships would be fulfilling the same purpose. They would be showing to the world at large what a wonderful that this could be.

To begin with, one could sail the eastern seas & oceans with one other covering the West. The days of “inward looking” are no more! Maritime Silk Route will further open up China . . . linking & sharing its prosperity with the world.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent


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