Love Is Forever Young

PC/Tues.4 February 2014

Pictures of Yi Gang & Liu Xiaoqing 

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Would you believe that marriages are made in heaven?

That love knows no age barrier?

They also say that love is blind

Or falling in love at first sight.

These days stranger are happening

between a man & woman, man & man even woman & woman!

Love not only makes the world go round,

it sets the world spinning, upside down & topsy turvy.

And these days strange events are happening not in Hollywood

but in China – where all things are possible!

Unlike in the Middle East & the Muslim world or India & Pakistan where strange marriages

are common such child brides & grand old men, China is setting up new trend among the celebrities & the wealthy.

Liu Xiaoqing & Yi Gang were recently married in San Francisco.

Would you agree they are a handsome & matching couple?

But be prepared to be shocked by some revealing facts:

  • when Liu Xiaoqing, an actress & business woman, was 33, Yi Gang, a China’s national badminton star, was merely a one year old child.

  • Yi Gang was an ardent fan of the famed Liu Xiaoqing in her prime years. It’s claimed that he was wooing her for the past 20 years.

  • The bride in this case is even older than her in-laws. I wonder what would be the accorded greeting & respect. This could be very tricky in China where honour & age respect are traditionally practised.

  • NOW, she is 60 & he is only 28! A difference of 32 years!

It’s sensational! Unbelievable!

A fairyland story!

Beloved Infidel of the extreme!

 532E30E9@D78AEE76.62DAD052It’s Liu’s fourth marriage(第四次婚姻)

Is it possible for a 60 year-old thrice-married woman to marry a handsome 28 year-old Chinese badminton star, who is himself from a rich family background?

Perhaps this is because she looks more like 30 than 60!  I guess anything is possible in China nowadays.(我想现今在中国什么都行得通)

She’s ageless since her famous acting days. Imagine her flawless skin, unwrinkled face & neck                                                  

  Though Liu Xiaoqing is 60? She looks like in her 30s!

Yi Gang comes from good family background, his family is wealthy. Yi Gang is not after her wealth nor is she after his.

Love is true & forever young. Perhaps they were destined for each other. Marriages are made in heaven. It’s commonly known to have traditional marriages in China on the basis of betrothal between friends even before birth.


One thought on “Love Is Forever Young

  1. Beautiful love story. I still don’t see anything wrong with loving another human being. It’s all about timing. In another era, before religion and leaders, maybe all the “strange marriages” were accepted by all.

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