So This Is Christmas . . .



The year slipped by so fast

That it’s Christmas time again

What does Christmas mean?

Is it plainly a holiday

When gifts flood the day?

Or is it much more significant

Than all the commercials chant?

Today thee’s a new Christmas song in the air telling us what Christmas is all about. The song says it all and it’s so beautifully sung by the American Christian Life United (ACLU) Choir, making “Say Merry Christmas” the greatest Christmas song of all times.

YouTube Video Presentation

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On my part, I have written a poem in 1992 expressing & concurring exactly with this new Christmas song:


This is the day that the Lord hath made & the season too

Let us rejoice & be in it to the full.

Christmas is a season of cheers

And there’s every reason to steer

Our hearts & love to the Lord

God‘s only beloved Son to adore.

Christmas is a season of loving & giving

In our hearts much forgiving & forgetting

Loving without reservation

And giving without compensation.

Christmas is a season of rejoicing

Rejoicing in our Lord’s coming

We sharer joy with the unjoyful

We share gifts with the needful.

Christmas is for one & all

Without exception we should call

And shout to the world at large

To heed, change & our spirit to charge.

© Paul Chong

Friday, 25 December 1992


Significantly, this is one celebration celebrated the world over by every colour, race or creed, young & old, rich or poor!

Wishing all my readers

a Very Warm & Bright Christmas

& a Happy New Year 2013


One thought on “So This Is Christmas . . .

  1. Charles Christano

    Thanks to you Paul.
    Each of us has to wake up and free ourselves from the trappings of mere busy-ness and comerciallity which have buried the Biblical Christmas deep down lyaers upon layers.

    How too many of us have been misled by glossy pictures Christmas in which even Joseph is wearing too good a clothing and Mary is depicted as a beauty queen. And I do not understand why the Wise men are always three and they come to worship together with the shepherds. How come?

    I have to agree with what Yanceys said about the Jesus Whom I never knew and many other things about what the Bible is really teaching us.

    So thank you Paul to ring the wake up call again.

    Have a blessed Christmas because God the Father loves us so much that He was not only satisfied
    by sending prophets and wrote love letters but He gave His only begotten Son for each of us sinners.

    Peace: CC

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