Beautiful Life on the Drive


. . . making each day radiant & bright

It’s said that life is a journey not an destination. It follows then

to make its journey a new & exciting one each day . . . filled with enthusiasm, exhilaration & emotion of meaningfulness.

In the past, men had chosen to live in caves or tree tops to ensure physical safety. With the progression of time, men have come to live in the manner we are now in. Basically for most of us, we live a sedentary life . . . same home, same place & same town. Nothing exciting, nothing changing.

We become accustomed to life as we live it.

It’s a changing world we live in. With globalisation, changes are inevitable & growing faster than we can keep pace with. Change is refreshing & exciting. Fixation drags you down to the abyss of boredom.

Creative living is what I am advocating and you don’t have to be rich & famous in order to achieve that. Creative living takes on a convention of deviating from the norm & having a positive outlook. Life is not like a “frog in the well” that knows not that life can be swell!

In my blog archives, you’ll find articles on people living in weird structures, converting old aircrafts to unimaginative home living, living in boat houses or building on tree tops. The possibilities are plenty & certainly very affordable & adventuresome.

How about waking up each morning in a new environment with new aspects of life, adventure & new enriching experiences? Here is somebody who’s taken to the wheel, converting an old garbage truck to a great living quarter. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

From the womb to the tomb, we are constantly on the roam, 

and ultimately leaving behind all our worldly possessions.

Here, at least, Won Park, a master of origami, owner of this unique living structure, is carting all his personal possessions with him wherever he goes.


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