View of beach at Surfers Paradise with skyline.
View of beach at Surfers Paradise with skyline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





A United Society Transmitting Righteousness And Love In Abundance


Parliament House Canberra


Australia, the country of our choice


We hold you in great joy


May you ever be


A country for the free.



Australia, a united society


We stand in complete unity


May we not divide


Despite our differences wide.



Australia, transmitting righteousness


We hail you in fearlessness


May you always be fair


To everyone in your care.



Australia, a land of abundance


We greet you with substance


To make this a greater land


We must all render our hands.



Australia, a land of love and cheer


We shall always hold you dear


Let’s make this a better place to be


Towards this end will be our destiny.




© Paul Chong


A Chinese by Descent


An Australian by Consent.


Monday, 21 July 1991





4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA

  1. martin chung

    Totally agree with you, Paul and we need to uphold this freedom we enjoy and appreciate. Australia may be open to threats from unwanted elements and we can help make it worthwhile for our kids and generations to come.

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