Austria – A Beautiful Country . . .

A white Alpine scene

It sends me back to the time of my college days of long hot summer roaming through a country like AustriaVienna’s jewel-box palaces and Mozart melodies, Strauss waltzes, sparkling Alps and problems like Maria naturally still have their place in Austria’s heart

Unlike Australia so dubbed as a “Cultural Desert”, Austria flaunts its heritage in exuberant style. Vienna’s bombastic Habsburg palaces and Salzburg’s baroque splendour are worthy, but dig deeper and you’ll unearth Stone Age settlements, Roman archaeological sites at Carnuntum and medieval festivals. In the country where Mozart composed and Strauss taught the world to twirl, you won’t need to search hard for culture – it waltzes right up to you.

The wide wide world of our Australian land pales in significance when compared to the small but richly endowed in beauty & culture like Austria.

This is a beautiful country, so peaceful & tranquil with music everywhere. Apart from its other beautiful cities like Innsbruck or Salzburg with all their charms, the real beauty of the country is to be found in the country area. Remember Maria (The Sound of Music) – the Austrian scene will definitely claim its place in your heart. Music also fills your ears as you you ride on horse-carts through Vienna Woods.

Have a peek at this slide presentation & relax as you plan to fly there for your next holiday.

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