The World’s Tallest Tower

Diagram comparing the height of Burj Khalifa t...
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Diagram comparing the height of Burj  Khalifa to other towers & structures

The Burj Khalifa, originally named Burj Dubai, and currently the tallest tower in the world, officially opened in Dubai on Jan. 4 2010 amid an impressive pyrotechnics display that highlighted the tower’s 2716.5-feet of aluminum and steel, and its 26,000 hand-cut glass panels. The Burj Khalifa blows away the next-nearest skyscraper, which is Taiwan’s 1670-foot Taipei 101, and the building has even surpassed ultra-tall, ground-cable-supported radio antennas.

Architects’ vertical leapfrogging, however, isn’t likely to stop at the Burj Khalifa. While the tower will be a tough one to beat, it is likely to remain at the pinnacle for only about another half-dozen years. Developers around the world have proposed numerous new skyscrapers. Some projects have leapt off the drawing boards, though plans for many record-breaking towers have been scuttled because of the global economic spasms of the past couple of years.

The original name of the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Dubai, was changed at the last minute to recognize United Arab Emirates president Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who as emir of Abu Dhabi gave struggling Dubai a $10 billion bailout last month.

So what buildings could be the next to rise up and steal the Burj Khalifa’s crown? Here in the chart below are some of the tallest towers that have been dwarfed: Taipei 101 (Taiwan) as mentioned, Shanghai World Financial Centre (China), Petronas Towers (Malaysia) & Sears Tower (USA).

Waiting to compete for the prized crown are eight more on the drawing board:

1. Burj Mubarak al Kabir – 3,284 ft. Location: Madinal Al Hareer (City of Slk), Kuwait

2.1 Dubai – Three towers: 1969 ft., 2625 ft. and 3281 ft. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Miapolis – 3000 to 3281 ft. Location: Miami, USA

4. Nakheel Tower – 3281 to 4593 ft. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. Sky City 1000 – 3281 ft. Location: Tokyo, Japan

6. Bionic Tower – 4029 ft. Location: Shanghai, China (As originally propoased)

7. Kingdom Tower – 3281 ft. Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arab

8. Millennium Challenge Tower – 6067 ft. Possible Location: Kuwait

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