The Great Five-Senses Theory & Design

Jinsop Lee's 5-Senses Theorya96a83b6_800x600Jinsop Lee’s Five-Senses Theory & Design

Why is sex so good! And smoking so very additive!

One of the great mystery about cigarette smoking in that once you’re hooked, you’re not likely to throw off the bad habit lies in its production design incorporating all the Five Senses! It always feel so good! So cool . . . so exhilarating!

Smoking & the 5-Senses

Remember friends, I always maintain a crucial difference between a man & a woman lies in the question of “feeling”.

For a man is as young as he feels

Unfortunately, for a woman . . . she’s as old as she looks.

However, there’s one compensation . . . like good wine, she mellows with the years. That’s why some men prefer older matured women to the spirited sweet young things.

Good design looks great, yes – but why shouldn’t it also feel great, smell great and sound great? Designer Jinsop Lee (a TED Talent Search winner) shares his theory of 5-Sense Design, with a handy graph and a few examples. His hope: to inspire you to notice great multisensory experiences”.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.37.41 AM Jinsop Lee is an industrial designer who believes that great design appeals to all five senses.

Maybe why SEX is so good it’s because of the Five Senses. AND people say that great sex is still good even though it’s bad! Sex involves, more than likely, all the Five-Senses of the great extreme!

A former professor of design, Jinsop Lee founded the firm Uncle Oswald Is My Hero, which produces clever iPod speakers from old telephone handsets. And we’ll let him take it from here:

”My design background began when I was 5 years old. My mother cruelly refused to buy me a Star Wars X-wing fighter, so I built my own from Lego. Yes, I was the traumatized little boy in the corner of the playground holding the multi-coloured Lego X-wing fighter. However, this did teach me an important lesson: You don’t have to follow the instructions that come with the box. 

As an adult, I started my career as a suit-wearing design consultant, designing stuff and strategies for large companies. I then spent a mandatory two years in the Korean Army without killing anybody. Then I began teaching English, which eventually led to a job as an associate professor of industrial design. Being a professor means you’re designing the most important thing of all: students and the type of designers they will later become.

“Now I am working on a series of short videos about industrial design. Each video follows a simple formula: the viewer must learn something new about design while laughing (or snickering) an average of two times per minute. It turns out the second criteria is much harder than the first.”


Money in Origami

English: Origami crane folded from one uncut s...
English: Origami crane folded from one uncut square of paper Français : Grue en origami, pliée avec une seule feuille de papier non-coupée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. . . the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes & figures.

As featured in my preceding article “Beautiful Life on the Drive”, Won Park  the owner & master of origami, actually made a living out of this traditional Japanese art. He does so characteristically unique with featuring the American dollar bills & displaying them in various shapes , sizes & forms.

Bending, twisting & folding he creates life-like shapes in stunning details.

Won Park is invariably known as “Money Folder”.

Be amazed by his creations!

One Dollar Fish
One Dollar – Butterfly
One Dollar – Camera
Two Dollars – Battle Tank
Two Dollars – Chinese Dragon
One Dollar – Crab
One Dollar – Dolphin
Two Dollars – Jacket
Two Dollars – Spider
One Dollar – Scorpion
One Dollar – Bat
One Dollar – Toilet Bowl
One Dollar – Penguin
One Dollar Shark
One Dollar – Jet
One Dollar – Hammer Head Shark


He   lives in a converted garbage truck! You have to look  at
his   place . . .
Chasin' the Light
Chasin’ the Light (Photo credit: – Dave Morrow -)

Filial Piety

The photos and video of Ting Tsu-chi carrying his mother to the hospital have gone viral. (Internet photo)

Filial piety has become a hot issue in Taiwan, according to a Staff reporter on 2012-03-06, after video of a middle-aged man carrying his frail mother into the Chi Mei Hospital went viral, touching hearts all over the country. Now people want to know more about the man in the video.

But what’s FILIAL PIETY in today’s age?

”Filial piety” is deeply embraced in ancient Chinese culture, teachings and philosophy.

It’s Confucianism.

Here’s sharing an article written by Dr Chris Anthony . . .


This is no sermon nor a nag ; it’s a very simple message. The article below was written by Dr. Chris Anthony . To those of you who still have their parents living , I like to share this good piece of regret that I had not read it earlier during the days when both my parents were still alive.

Read on ……

The time is now.

It is better to give them a little time now than to give them the world when they are gone. The world is full of sons and daughters like you and I.

I had a marvellous mother, who loved me, sacrificed for me and helped me in every way possible. In all of my growing up from childhood through school and eventually marriage, my mother was always at my side.

And when I needed help with my little ones, she was there for me. A few years ago, we buried this wonderful woman.Can you imagine how I felt when I returned home and found a poem in her drawer, written by my mom:

      The time is now

        If you are ever going to love

           Love me now while I can know

             The sweet and tender feelings

                Which from true affection flow                

Love me now while I am living

                      Do not wait until I am gone

                         And then have it chiseled in marble

                           Sweet words on ice-cold stone

                              If you have tender thoughts of me

                                 Please let me know now

                                   If you wait until I am sleeping

                                     There will be death between us

                                        And I will not hear you then

                                       So if you love me, even a little bit

                                          Let me know while I am living

                                                  So that I can treasure it

                                                            Your loving mum

Now she is gone and I am sick with guilt.

Because I never told her what she meant to me.

Worse yet, I did not treat her as she deserved to be treated.

I found time for everyone and everything else But I never made time for her.

It would have been easy to drop in for a cup of tea And a hug but my friends came first.

Would any of them have done for me what my mother did?

I know the answer.

When I called mom on the phone,

I was always in a hurry.

I feel ashamed when I think of the times I cut her off,

The times I retorted back to her,

The times I glared at her in an angry mood when she wanted to correct me and guide me through the correct path.

I remember too, the times I could have included her in a trip out ,but did not.

My children loved Grandma from the times they were babies.

They often turn to her for comfort and advice.

She understood them.

I realize now that I was too critical,

Too short-tempered, too stingy with praise.

Grandma gave them unconditional love.

The world is filled with sons, daughters and a child like me.

I hope they see themselves in this letter and realize from it.

If this has touched you, please pass it on to all the sons and Daughters who have to praise their Mom for everything they are today.

Modern Day Family


This story highlights that we must do whatever we can when our parents are alive to appreciate what we say or do, however little that may be.

Very often we are willing to spend thousands to give them a grand funeral with the most elaborate preparations and expensive coffins and so on. We are willing have memorials without fail year after year. We give alms in memory of our late parents but we could not afford to spend some time with them when they were with us before their death.

We were too busy with our lives.

How much do we treasure our parents? They may not be perfect but it is undeniable that they deserve more than what we are doing for them now.

We may be cruel to them or we may even be criminals but to our parents we are still good children and they continue to justify why have we become bad. They blame everybody else for their children being bad except them as they believe their children cannot have gone bad by themselves.

Nobody in the world does that. Many will flock to us when we are in a position to give but none when we are down and out. Our parents are the only ones who will be there with us and for us whether we are good or bad, up or down till their last breaths.

Let us search our hearts to see where we have placed our parents in it. If they are not in our hearts it is time to make a place for them there now. If they already there as in many of us, it is time to give them a little more. Let us not do something or fail to do it that we will regret later as it will be too late.


Filial piety is the duty that every Mother’s son or daughter , towards his / her parents. You can have many wives , husbands , mistresses , lovers , friends ; but you only have One biological Mother , Father. If you are a priviledged child with a Nanny , then the Nanny deserves your filial piety because she was the one who groomed you in your childhood years.

It is no use to spend lots of money for your parents’ funeral becos they are not able to cherish what you do ; the lavish funeral rites or expensive coffin that you spend on them ONLY BENEFIT the funeral caretakers ; nobody bothers how much you spend on your parents when they are dead. You may be magnanimous to donate money to charity in memorium of your parents …… who cares !!!

Hence , if you wanna to spend money on your parents , do it when they are still alive and able to appreciate and cherish your love.

Be A Genius Only After Death?

By P Chong                                                                                  Thurs. 7 October 2010

It often happened that the status of being a genius is only conferred on an artist, poet, writer, musician & composer long after their death.

Greatness is often acquired by being born great, some achieved greatness & still others have greatness thrust upon them. Whichever category that greatness comes about, there is always that element of luck in question.

What’s the whole point of suffering a lifetime & only to be recognised when one is no longer around?

In this 21st century, we find the phenomenon of paintings being sold at auctions for ridiculous prices, literary works being included in school curriculum globally or music being played in prestigious concert halls. Yet during the lifetime of these artists & “conferred” geniuses lived in abject poverty, or being ridiculed or insulted by the public & press media. True geniuses really do not seek out personal fame or fortune. To them it’s all a question of creativity – being able to express themselves for the greater benefits of the community. Sometimes personal glory is conferred out of immediate recognition by the public, while for most the best song & music become interred with their bones . . . only to be resurrected much later. Such is the nature of things & the irony of it all.




Vincent Van Gogh


One of the most recognised geniuses who suffered this fate is none other than Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch artist, symbolically considered to be a

misunderstood genius. At the time when he was working as a dealer jn an art firm, he was able to make a decent living. However, after a sad love story, he quit his job and got into religion, where he got involved with missionary work. He soon lost that position as he was most fanatical & zealous about his pursuit.

He finally landed up in the art of painting. However, he was not understood in this area either. He only managed to sell only one piece of his work “Red Vineyards” and that was to his friend.

Today we know approximately 850 canvases by the artist, many drawings and engravings. 
Once a cafe allowed Van Gogh to organise an exhibition and sell his paintings. Not a single painting was purchased. As a result, many of Van Gogh paintings were simply thrown away or given away to those who wanted to paint their new pictures on the canvas. Today his masterpieces hang in the most prominent museums; they are hunted after at auctions and stolen for private collections.


John Keats


John Keats, an English poet, one of the best lyricists  of the world literature, did not live up to its glory by just a few months. The young gifted poet was terminally ill with tuberculosis. During his short literary career, Keats did not hear a word of praise from serious critics, who shape public opinion. Keats died very young – at age of 25, and shortly after his death, his book of poems was published. It was so popular with readers that critics could only posthumously acknowledge his genius.



Arthur Rimbaud


Another poet who died young – Arthur Rimbaud – was more fortunate with the patronage of senior writers. The gifted young man was proclaimed the new Shakespeare and predicted brilliant glory. But Rimbaud gave up writing when many were only beginning – at the age of 20. He decided to become an explorer and gold producer. However, it did not work.

Rimbaud died at age 37, in a hospital, where he was regarded as a businessman. The cause of death was amputation of the leg, which adversely affected the overall health of the poet, undermined by travelling. After the death, poems of Rimbaud, as well as other poetry of the Symbolists who called himself “cursed poets” have gained popularity, and today Rimbaud has a strong place in the “golden fund” of the world poetry.

Geniuses are a dime a dozen

But to be conferred the status as such

Only posthumously is sad indeed.


The World’s Tallest Tower

Diagram comparing the height of Burj Khalifa t...
Image via Wikipedia

Diagram comparing the height of Burj  Khalifa to other towers & structures

The Burj Khalifa, originally named Burj Dubai, and currently the tallest tower in the world, officially opened in Dubai on Jan. 4 2010 amid an impressive pyrotechnics display that highlighted the tower’s 2716.5-feet of aluminum and steel, and its 26,000 hand-cut glass panels. The Burj Khalifa blows away the next-nearest skyscraper, which is Taiwan’s 1670-foot Taipei 101, and the building has even surpassed ultra-tall, ground-cable-supported radio antennas.

Architects’ vertical leapfrogging, however, isn’t likely to stop at the Burj Khalifa. While the tower will be a tough one to beat, it is likely to remain at the pinnacle for only about another half-dozen years. Developers around the world have proposed numerous new skyscrapers. Some projects have leapt off the drawing boards, though plans for many record-breaking towers have been scuttled because of the global economic spasms of the past couple of years.

The original name of the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Dubai, was changed at the last minute to recognize United Arab Emirates president Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who as emir of Abu Dhabi gave struggling Dubai a $10 billion bailout last month.

So what buildings could be the next to rise up and steal the Burj Khalifa’s crown? Here in the chart below are some of the tallest towers that have been dwarfed: Taipei 101 (Taiwan) as mentioned, Shanghai World Financial Centre (China), Petronas Towers (Malaysia) & Sears Tower (USA).

Waiting to compete for the prized crown are eight more on the drawing board:

1. Burj Mubarak al Kabir – 3,284 ft. Location: Madinal Al Hareer (City of Slk), Kuwait

2.1 Dubai – Three towers: 1969 ft., 2625 ft. and 3281 ft. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Miapolis – 3000 to 3281 ft. Location: Miami, USA

4. Nakheel Tower – 3281 to 4593 ft. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. Sky City 1000 – 3281 ft. Location: Tokyo, Japan

6. Bionic Tower – 4029 ft. Location: Shanghai, China (As originally propoased)

7. Kingdom Tower – 3281 ft. Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arab

8. Millennium Challenge Tower – 6067 ft. Possible Location: Kuwait