World’s Ten Amazing Subway Stations

London's Familiar Underground Sign

By P Chong                      22 April 2010

London Underground, known commonly as The Tube, has the distinction of being the first such railway system in the world with its first section opening in 1863. It is a rapid transit system serving a large part of Greater London and neighbouring areas of Essex, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire in the UK. In 1890 it became the first to operate electric trains.

The name “Underground” in London can be quite misleading as some 55% of its system is above ground. Nonetheless, it was an awe inspiring experience for me when using it as a fresh young man coming from an under-developed country in 1959 & 1960.

In my recall, I still remember Madrid Metro, as a system situated right in the centre and has train doors opening at both sides to improve passenger flows. This was a real bonus considering its congestion particularly on bull fight days.

Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transport Railway) is perhaps the most busy of the systems I have seen. Its quick, frequent & efficient and for most times it’s packed to capacity with only standing room.

The world of rapid underground travel, named invariably as Underground, Metro, MTR or MRT, is most fascinating. Herein below is a pictorial presentation of the World’s Most Amazing Ten Subway Stations:

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, China. The 647-m long tunnel is a surrealistic fantastic public transportation system with its walls featuring hi-tech geometrical optics of various colors. (Below)

The Komsomolskaya Metro Station in Moscow, Russia. The metro station has become one of the landmarks in Moscow partly because it is located at the city’s busiest public transportation hub the Komsomolskaya Square. The station opened on Jan. 30, 1952

(as below)

The Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station in Frankfurt, Germany. The entrance to the station looks like a train sinking underground after an explosion. The designer of the station said he was inspired by surrealistic artists.

The Subway Station in Bilbao, Spain. The subway station, designed by Norman Foster, is well known for its efficiency and unique design style.

The City Hall Subway Station in New York, United States. The station is a beautiful and functional one. It has been the most attractive subway station in New York since it was put into operation in 1945

The O’Hare Subway Station in Chicago, United States.

It was built in 1984

The Subway Station in Dubai, UAE. Combining traditional and modern architecture styles, the station looks like a shell.

The Subway Station in Stockholm, Sweden. The station is highlighted by its inside cave paintings.

The Subway Station in Pyongyang, DPRK

The U-Bahn Metro in Munich, Germany. It opened in 1972


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