Come Aboard Not to Fly But To Live In It!

By P Chong                             11 April 2010

It’s a plane! No, it’s a home!!

Gosh! This plane is not taxied on the runway!” the guests let out surprisingly. “It’s situated on a slope among the trees!”

Yes, but this is not just a plane . . . it is uniquely a residential abode, a home for Joanne Ussary.

It’s a plane! No. It’s a home!!

What a novel idea to convert a plane into a residence! This is ingenious & out of this world. Imagine if you could live in it & take off to the sky to see the world simultaneously. Well . . . short of it being a fantasy. Creative . . . imaginative . . . unconventional from the usual human residences.

Look Again!

Ideas are a dime a dozen. This might have cost her a fortune you think. If you search the Arizona Desert in US, you can find Airplane Graveyard with hundreds & thousands of disused aircrafts which you can pick up one suitable for your purpose for a song. These aircrafts are already de-commissioned – used but not abused with bodyworks still intact.

Aircraft Graveyard in Arizona, US

Boeing 747

Three-Level Body

How much did it cost in a project of this nature for Joanne Ussary? She paid US$2,000 for the plane body; paid US$4,000 to have it moved & transported plus US$24,000 to renovate. It worked out cheaper than buying a conventional home.

Let’s take a look at Joanne’s pride of creative conversion:

Tea in the Verandah Patio

Sited high on slope among greeneries

Living Areas

Delightful Views
Wood-Panelled Bedrooms

Are you well satisfied with this home presentation?

Would you like to live in one?

It might turn out to be a tourist attraction in the neighbourhood!

What a home!


2 thoughts on “Come Aboard Not to Fly But To Live In It!

  1. Mariya Stephen

    Paul that was very beautiful having an aeroplane as a home, how I wish I can have the same privilege and own a home like this lady. She must be having a good time living in that wonderful home and also having a good scenery up in the mountain I think. What a good idea. I love it.
    Thanks Paul that was fantastic.
    Best Regards

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