Come Aboard Not to Fly But To Live In It!

By P Chong                             11 April 2010

It’s a plane! No, it’s a home!!

Gosh! This plane is not taxied on the runway!” the guests let out surprisingly. “It’s situated on a slope among the trees!”

Yes, but this is not just a plane . . . it is uniquely a residential abode, a home for Joanne Ussary.

It’s a plane! No. It’s a home!!

What a novel idea to convert a plane into a residence! This is ingenious & out of this world. Imagine if you could live in it & take off to the sky to see the world simultaneously. Well . . . short of it being a fantasy. Creative . . . imaginative . . . unconventional from the usual human residences.

Look Again!

Ideas are a dime a dozen. This might have cost her a fortune you think. If you search the Arizona Desert in US, you can find Airplane Graveyard with hundreds & thousands of disused aircrafts which you can pick up one suitable for your purpose for a song. These aircrafts are already de-commissioned – used but not abused with bodyworks still intact.

Aircraft Graveyard in Arizona, US

Boeing 747

Three-Level Body

How much did it cost in a project of this nature for Joanne Ussary? She paid US$2,000 for the plane body; paid US$4,000 to have it moved & transported plus US$24,000 to renovate. It worked out cheaper than buying a conventional home.

Let’s take a look at Joanne’s pride of creative conversion:

Tea in the Verandah Patio

Sited high on slope among greeneries

Living Areas

Delightful Views
Wood-Panelled Bedrooms

Are you well satisfied with this home presentation?

Would you like to live in one?

It might turn out to be a tourist attraction in the neighbourhood!

What a home!

Extraordinary Air Umbrella

By P Chong

Whatever the mind of man can conceive

and believe, it can achieve” – Dr. Napoleon Hill

Edward de Bono would attribute man’s ingenuity & creativeness

to having the ability to think “outside the box” (lateral thinking).

These two great men above have time & time again been proven to be right in their philosophy by man’s achievement in the number of creative inventions & innovations. One such creative design is demonstrated by the extraordinary air umbrella which is absolutely different from its traditional typical umbrella with a canopy.

This “air umbrella”, designed by South Koreans Je Sung Park & Woo Jung Kwon, has no canopy, instead, a slim pipe blows enough air to keep the rain away. The user can control the length of its stem & the scale of air cover at will. This cool creative design breaks the traditional thought on the shape of umbrella. It is also eco-friendly as it reduces the use of plastics or other paper or cloth materials for the canopy.

Sheltered from the rain by umbrella without a canopy!

Its stem can be conveniently extended or shortened

Now, you don’t need to wait for the storm to pass.

You can dance in the rain.

You can even “Sing in the Rain” as Gene Kelly did

in the feature film of the same title.

It’s handy to be carried around whatever the weather.

Are we gonna see a change in the atmosphere of the rainy landscape?