Contrasting Abraham Lincoln & Nancy Pelosi

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By P Chong                  Sun. 4 April 2010

Americans have had great presidents in the past. Abraham Lincoln was one such president. Herein below are some of his great wisdom:

How true in what he said. He had the absolute ability of saying a lot with the least number of words. Abraham could “paint with words”. World leaders should emulate him and implement his wisdom . . . then the present world would not be this topsy-turvy.

People at the helm of government must be smart and act the part. The destiny of a nation depends entirely upon the calibre of leaders.

Consider this true incident of a supposedly great lady politician:

Nancy Pelosi – A “Brain Lift” Rather Than A “Face Lift”

A noted psychiatrist was a guest speaker at an academic function where Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of Congress, happened to appear. Ms Pelosi took the opportunity to schmooze the good doctor a bit and asked him a question with which he was most at ease.

Would you mind telling me, Doctor,” she asked, “how you detect a mental deficiency in somebody who appears completely normal?”

Nothing is easier,” he replied. “You ask a simple question which anyone should answer with no trouble. If the person hesitates, that puts you on the track.”

What sort of question?” asked Pelosi.

Well, you might ask, ‘Captain Cook made three trips around the world and died during one of them. Which one?”

Pelosi thought a moment, and then said with a nervous laugh, “You wouldn’t happen to have another example would you? I must confess I don’t know much about history.”

Can you imagine that? With people like that, what can you you expect of the country? Surely not as dumb as a box of rocks!


14 thoughts on “Contrasting Abraham Lincoln & Nancy Pelosi

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  2. Larry

    Unfortunately, Lincoln did not say these things. They were written in 1916 by the Rev. William J. H. Boetcker, a Presbyterian clergyman and pamphlet writer. In 1942, a group called the Committee for Constitutional Government gave out a great many leaflets entitled “Lincoln on Limitations” that contained on one side a real Lincoln quote and on the other side the 10 Boetcker statements. Boetcker was credited with his statements on the leaflet, but their proximity in print to one real quote by Lincoln, plus the title of the leaflet, led people to think that Lincoln had said the ten listed statements. They were repeated in many printed sources, and are still regarded by many as authentic Lincoln quotes. Carl Sandburg, Lincoln’s most famous biographer, dismissed them as spurious

    1. Jimi

      Not only are they false quotes but, had they come from either era these tidbits of, “wisdom” are brought to you from a time before modern macro economics and the important regulatory emphasis these new ideas brought.

      I’m not sure what the entry is attempting to accomplish other than promote hatred. Straw men and false citations don’t appear to be too rare around here either.

      1. Pete

        What has Macro Economics to do with anything? And how does that defeat good solid judgment? No matter who made those quotes, it’s true.

    1. sgtbarrett

      Yea, right, she’s ahead in the polls with a commanding lead. Just who do you think lives in California? Morons and idiots? Well, you’re right! So how can you expect morons and idiots to do anything but moronic and idiotic things?

      Of course she will be re-elected.

  3. Lee Davidson

    Ms. Pelosi made a trip to Iraq few years ago. Upon arriving, she was introduced to the U.S. officer in charge of her security while there. Her first questions of him were “are there any shopping opportunities here” and “where can a lady get a drink”. Don’t know if she ever got around to asking anything about the Iraq situation. This was told to me by the officer, who happens to be from my home town.

    1. Aaron

      I have a hard time believing that Nancy Polosi asked where shopping in Iraq was. No one in their right mind would go on base in a war zone and ask that, especially one where luxury goods pale in comparison to the US. I think you got your leg pulled, and you need to work on your BS detector. You may not agree with her politics, but she is certainly not insane/idiotic.

      Similarly, I also don’t believe this Captain Cook example. Most Americans cannot even find Iraq on a map, let alone find America, so its hard to believe someone would use a history example of something that ‘most people would answer without hesitation.’

      1. Carl

        The point is that no history is required to answer the question. The answer as far as I see it is: the last one. You fell on the same hurdle as Nancy did.

      2. Don

        I think you need to work on your humourous detector, the Captin Cook scenario is a spoof, which you should be able to pick up on under the related articles section.

      3. frank

        The Lincoln quote might be in question, but he could use many other undisputed quotes from Lincoln to argue well that same point. I don’t doubt the Pelosi part, she’s a dangerous one for America, if you ask me.

  4. Richard Newcomb

    The Captain Cook’s last voyage joke is lifted from a joke book that’s about 50 years old. It’s been used about blondes, redheads, etc. It is not a true story about Nancy Pelosi.

  5. brenda

    And they call Sarah Palin “dumb”. Anyone, mentally challenged or not should have known that the Captain Cook died on the 3rd trip, unless, they believe in immediate re-incarnation where he resumed himself from the 1st or second trip. It’s scary to think that these people hold such high powered positions. Nancy, good luck but I won’t miss you. I wonder if she ever got the chance to read the Health Care package. She said that it would have to be passed first to find out what was in it. Um Umm Ummmm

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