Satay Mu – Authentic Malaysian Chinese Restaurant

Introducing you to . . .

By Paul Chong          Friday, 11 December 2009

Authentic Malaysian Satay with Gravy, 'Pulut', Cucumber & Onions

Whether you eat to live

Or live to eat

Come & eat

Healthy & be fit!

(Dine-in or takeaway)

Announcing to all students & staff at Murdoch University, Murdoch College, residents from Bullcreek, Murdoch. Winthrop, Booragoon, Kardinya & places near or far to this new “boutique” Malaysian Chinese restaurant in South Street, cnr. of Gilbertson Road next to Chicken Treat. It’s affordable, good value for money, & the choicest authentic Malaysian Chinese cuisine.

I am no cuisine writer & a professional will surely do a greater justice to the proprietress Irene & her son Andrew Ng – to give you a better description & a taste of what menu they have to offer. However, they say the test is in the eating. We sure know a good thing when we taste it!

Customer Daniel (L from Malaysia) with Peggy & friend Raymond

Our closely-knit senior group of over 55 have been going round for lunches in Perth & the suburbs. We’ve been virtually everywhere it’s good – you name it we’ve tried it!

Proprietress Irene Seated Middle

Yesterday we found this new eating place & we vowed that we would be there more often now for our gathering & fellowship . . .

Food’s good

Price’s fair

Service’s excellent

Friendliness fills the air.

This is one restaurant with a difference . . . & the difference grows & shows with your unfailing patronage.

For the Karaoke lovers & enthusiasts, you’d be interested to know that Proprietress Irene is a true professional singer, rendering Mandarin songs with her rich melodious voice in easy sweet refrain. She sings English too.

Opening Hours:

Everyday: 11 am – 9 pm

Monday Closed

Phone: (08) 9314 2828

Address: No 17/19, South Street, Kardinya Square, Kardinya 6163

(Next to Chicken Treat)


13 thoughts on “Satay Mu – Authentic Malaysian Chinese Restaurant

  1. Richard Chiang

    I fully endorse the comments made by Paul Chong regarding Satay Mu. I always leave the place fully satisfied with the food and would back for more ever so often!

    1. Raymond Chin

      The saying is “we seniors have tasted & eaten more salt than the students & teen agers eaten rice “So you all students now with plenty of everything, please take note of our genuine comments,enrich your tastes buds with SATAY MU.

      The Satay,Won Tun Mee,What dun Ho Fun,Pigs Trotters,Curry Fish are out of this Perth City!Try these 1st.

      The Chef is from Ipoh,Malaysia,& she has more years of experience in cooking than she tells you (she is modest)

      Do try NOW friends

  2. Tina Gibbs

    Wow Paul you just hit the right spot – am returning to Kuala Lumpur this Christmas and am going straight to the satay stall, tosai restaurant, nasi lemak shop and to Penang for asam laksa, cha kuey teow!! That’s what I miss in Malaysia – the food – delicious, tasty and yummie!!! My mom can’t wait to cook her speciality when I get back – “curry Devil”.
    Am sure you miss all the food once upon a time – but have located some great places and dishes over in Perth. Will recommend to my friend in Perth to check out the satay!!

    1. I am so happy to hear your love for Malaysian hawkers style food, as we all do.We can now organise a glutton,connosures trip for the food lovers,WE will also eat as much as you like the durians,mangosteen,rambutans,lok Ku langsat,pomeloes,mangos etc

      Like the idea?Air Asia will fly us there for less than $350 return!

  3. Heng Ee- The Beverley Cook

    I was most impressed by Satay Mu’s chicken satay. The spices were just right. The meat was fresh and suculent – grilled just right.

    Wishing you every success, Irene.

    Heng Ee
    The Beverley Cook
    P.O. Box 331 Beverley
    WA 6304

  4. bliss ang

    Hi Paul,

    That is a very nicely taken shot of Satay with the side dishes! Do you mind allowing me to use this photo, to insert a satay business namecard? I have tried to take some shots personally but it never look as nice as yours due to the lighting. kindly advise if you are willing to. my email is thanks!

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  6. Edward Lee

    Hello Paul
    I am Edward from the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur. I am the editor for our newsletter BUNGARAYA which is aimed at enhancing the language and teaching skills of Japanese language teachers in Malaysia and it is distributed free-of-charge to them. In the coming issue, I will be designing a centrefold whereby I would recreate a Malaysian-Japanese menu (of course in Japanese) and I would like to use your delicious satay photo in it. I would deeply appreciate your kind consideration and generosity. Looking very much forward to your early reply. My email address is
    Thank you very much

      1. Edward

        Dear Paul
        Thank you very much for your kind generosity in allowing us the use of your photo in our newsletter.

  7. Charlie

    Hello Paul,
    I know that it has been a long while since you posted this article regarding Satay-mu and the “new boutique” Malaysian Chinese restaurant in South Street but wanted to thank you for your blog and the information you so kindly share freely with all.

    Your blog came up when I did a search on ‘Karaoke enthusiast Perth’ so while the ‘by-product’ of good food outlet was a pleasant surprise for me, I was curious why you titled your article the way you did? Does this ‘new boutique’ outlet have karaoke sessions in the evening I am wondering?

    Allow me to introduce myself before I go on however, I am another over 55 originally from KL who has made Perth our home for nearly 20 years. I enjoy a good session of karaoke and was trawling the web to find a karaoke common interest group who enjoys a good session of fun and self humiliation so I was wondering if there were any such groups in Perth which may be open to another old-timer novice singer 🙂 !!.

    Finally, may I wish you all the best and good health!


    1. Paul

      Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for visiting my blog & am glad that the content interest you.
      Satay-Mu has undergone a change of management & my friends Peter & Irene Ng are no longer operating it.
      They are both good karaoke singers, especially Irene – a former taiwanese song bird. Glad to know that you’re a karaoke enthusiast.
      I have a few articles therein my blog archives e.g. Karaoke Extravaganza.
      Please get in touch with me & I’ll fill fill in more.
      Mobile: 0411 589 888
      Landline: 6394 2703

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