From our home towards Perth City shrouded from sight.

It’s that time of the year before the coming of Spring in September that fogs abound up where we live in the hills. It rains off & on & the whole atmosphere is one of serenity & peace. Best time to lay back by the warm fire, read a book or watch the TV or sit at the computer desk & let your inspiration take hold.

Fog in the hills

Shrouding the view

Softening every nature

Hiding every creature.

The sky is grey

Blue’s gone astray

The light is dimly soft

Invisibility even above the turf.

The fog lingers on

Birds fill the air with song

It’s scene like this

That sets you at peace.

Such wonder makes you wonder

In your heart you ponder

As it gradually disperses

Light slowly emerges.

SANY2107Foggy scene at our backyard

Paul Chong

Thursday, 20 August 2009 @ 14.01


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