Li River Cruise, Guilin

This is really transporting to an era of simpler times

and an environment of natural beauty

Guilin – it’s heaven on earth

It’s one of those places

That makes your heart yearn to return!

Guilin - Li River

Fishermen Aided by Cormorants – Special Fishing Birds

Below: Slideshow of Guilin’s paradise with characteristic Chinese music
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A cruise down the Li River to Yangshuo is one of the highlights of a holiday in Guilin, China.Among the Chinese, the saying, “Guilin has the most beautiful scenery in China, and Yangshuo is the most beautiful part of Guilin.”

The riverside karst hilly landscape, reminiscences of those limestone hills of Ipoh, Malaysia, & calm pristine waters with fishermen at work all fill an air with awe & refreshing wonder.

Li River meanders its wayLiRiver_map

through 52 miles of beautiful countryside, with

bamboo forests, dense reed-beds,

and incredibly bizarre rock formations

Li River - Boarding

Pictures Below:

1.Boarding the boat for the cruise.

2. A seafood lunch was provided on board the cruise – delicious & sumptuous.

3. On the deck cruising along calm pristine waters.

Li River  Cruise

4. Beautiful scenery at every turn.

5. Just enjoying the refreshing cold wind of the month of June 1989 on the open deck.

6. Shops & souvenirs galore after                       disembarking at Yangshuo.


4 thoughts on “Li River Cruise, Guilin

  1. Paul Chong

    Hi Paul, The pictures of Guilin certainly brought back memories. It really was so beautiful on the li river and we had the most delicious food – I especially remember eating crispy fried whole tiny shrimps plucked from the river and and cooked straight away. It’s wonderful that you have these photos. Mario, my late husband took so many pictures but they and the camera were all stolen later. Regards Giovanna

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  3. A first time visitor to China may visit Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, i certainly believe Guilin worth a visit as well. The southern landscape is so different with the north historic sites. Cormorants fishing, crusing on the Li River, impression liu san jie shows are wonderful things to do

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