Prosperity, Posterity & Proprietary

Prosperity, Posterity & Proprietary

(By Paul Chong)

IMAGE0016.JPGThe 3 Figures of Wealth, Happiness & Longevity

Traditionally, the Chinese are very fond of “Prosperity” “Happiness” and “Longevity”. Often you’ll find the three representative figurines, which are highly revered, sitting on the alter of the Chinese homes, where worshipping of such is not unusual. Unfortunately, fortunes last not beyond three generations with most families. The energy for conservation & expansion appeared to be lacking and as we say “Easy come, easy go”.

Some families, however, are able to keep on going & achieving; and it’s only with the right mindset & management. It’s attitude that scales the altitude. Attitude is one little magic word that even surpasses aptitude. To ensure greatness to continue and even to further excel, prosperity, posterity & proprietary (the 3 Ps) must be perfectly understood & practised.

By & large, Chinese are known to be most assiduous in their economic pursuits. Like Napoleon, the word “impossible” does not crop out in the Chinese dictionary. The latest catch phrase is “Zhongguo Jia Yu” as rung through loud and clear during the Beijing Olympics 2008. Chinese spirit is indomitable. The journey to wealth & prosperity really just began with Deng Xiaoping’s own catch phrase of “Xian Qian Zou“.

When Deng Xiaoping, the architect of modern China, first conceived of his famous visionary saying, “Xiang Qian Zou” (Forward Move/The Road To Riches), China has been in a frenzy. This frenzy is now not just a fantasy but a reality for all the world to see! In just over 30 years, the whole economic landscape including both social & cultural aspects have been totally transformed. China today is not recognizable! It has the tallest, biggest, speediest & most fantastic of any man-made structures on the face of the earth!

For the average man in the street, the pedalled two-wheeler is a thing of the past. With a teeming population of 1.3 billion, you simply can’t find any other city in the world with more motor vehicles.

Prosperity is everywhere. Frenzy grips the air. With money flow, consumerism grows. Having been deprived for so long, the people now want to purchase just about every conceivable product available, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Business flows and economy grows.

In the light of the above, where does posterity shine? Not by way of large families as it used to be but restrictively because of the enforced one-child policy of the Chinese government. While the policy has its merits in controlling population growth & size, it is creating social problems unknown before. Traditional values are breaking down, customs & cultural practices are slowly but surely being diminished by modern way of life. With the bamboo curtain down, the inflow & influence of external western style take a footing & grow. The single princely brat of the family might not ensure family progression beyond its present boundary let alone three generations from now. Historically, we have witnessed family fortunes wasted away through squandering, gambling, family in-fighting, ill financial management & other means. The question is will posterity follow as a result of prosperity? Is it going to be just eat drink & be merry for tomorrow may never be?

Progress does bring about changes. Basically, to grow to progress is to change . . . and it’s changing for the better that counts. All sentimentality must give way to progress and all inhibitions removed. A country that changes through mental revolution will progressively be able to cope & keep pace with the rate of growth. Peace & harmony must be ever present to ensure growth & progress to go on. President Hu Jintao is gearing along the right path with emphasis on harmonious living. His visionary concept of “One World One Dream” is a vision for the world at large.

In terms of proprietary, China is in step and is along the right track to greater height of growth & prosperity. It’s hard to envisage what the future holds. Where will it go and where will it end? The world at large is watching, and watching very closely. The real wealth of any country lies not in its natural resources – but its people. It’s the people who work, work both hard & smart, to create & sustain the proprietary within, then spreading it out to reach & share with others who care.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

9 September 2008 @ 3.49 am


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