Nicaragua’s Mega Canal Project

Paul Chong                                             Thursday, 2 February 2017



The Nicaraguan Canal and Development Project (also referred to as the Nicaragua Grand Canal, or the Grand Interoceanic Canal) is a planned shipping route through Nicaragua to connect the Caribbean Sea (and therefore the Atlantic Ocean) with the Pacific Ocean.

president-daniel-ortegaDaniel Ortega (Nicaragua President) & Wang Jing (Chinese billionaire)

The current project is supposed to cost $50 billion, financed by a mysterious Chinese business tycoon named Wang Jing who is backed, almost certainly, by the Chinese government behind the scenes.

The plan is much broader than just a canal. Mr. Wang’s vision includes new airports, new ports on both ends of the canal, new lakes in the mountains to make sure the canal has enough water, and new islands in Lake Nicaragua to dispose of excavated sediment and rock.

The little-known Wang made his fortune in telecommunications, not in construction. Chinese billionaire, Wang Jing, officially broke ground (December 2014) & the project was scheduled to be completed in 6 years.

Delay has been due to Wang’s recent setbacks — he has reportedly lost about 80 percent of his $10 billion fortune. Some experts say the deal is probably dead.
Three times as long and twice as deep as the Panama Canal, it would slice 170 miles across the southern part of the country — bulldozing through fragile ecosystems, virgin forests and scenes of incredible beauty. It would allow for the passage of the world’s largest ships, vessels the length of skyscrapers that are too big for the Panama Canal.

Facilitating the movement of goods from the Pacific to the Atlantic aligns with Chinese interests, and the cost of the project is hardly an obstacle if the Chinese government wants to go forward — if it is involved.

Mr. Daniel Ortega, a left-wing guerrilla turned pro-business politician, promised that the canal would transform Nicaragua and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, eventually doubling the country’s gross domestic product. Many Nicaraguans, eager for a better future, embraced the idea, and many still do.

Experts are concerned about the seismic activity in the area, or the many volcanoes. And then there is the 50-mile trench to be dug on the floor of Lake Nicaragua, the largest body of fresh water in Central America — which many fear could end up contaminating, even killing, the lake.

Economists and human rights activists also object to the powers Wang has to expropriate land at far less than market rates, saying the terms of Wang’s concession could discourage anyone else from investing in Nicaragua.

In answers to written questions, Pang Kwok Wai, the executive vice president of Wang’s company, the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Company, said Wang was in talks with potential investors and would announce progress “in due form.” He said Wang had already invested about $500 million of his own money.

The idea behind this mega project is that it can handle more and bigger ships. Maybe more likely, the canal will remain the unrealized dream of men who want to enshrine their names in glory forever.

Hope for the Poor         Some Protests

With China interest of globalization & sharing its economic growth & technology however, most of the problems are not insurmountable. Some still hope this mega project will lift the country out of poverty.

“Thank You For Your Patience”

View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections
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By P Chong                                                                      Friday, 25 March 2011

I have had the most agonizing experience with one Internet Service Provider (ISP) appropriately called Spin and now it’s SpinTel – the new Company’s name after it expanded its business on a broad-base basis.

It’s a wonder how some companies keep on their growth despite their abhorred services. They say the first impression is the lasting impression. My bad experience with them takes on a never ending spree – for you can’t run away as you’re normally bound by the service contract. But enough is enough!

Spin is fond of just mentioning

Thank you for your patience”

It’s its Grace.

Let me just relate to you my most unforgettable encounter with Spin yesterday. I have had similar experiences with them in the past few months and I should have taken steps to announce it publicly to prevent others from becoming victims. My dispute with Spin is now in the hands of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman over a host of issues since the very first day in May 2010 – the start of my newly acquired ISP. As a matter of principle, we shall let the authority act in good faith & say no more of it.


As I am writing now, having spent countless hours on the computer, reading & answering my emails, updating my blog & writing new articles . . . my ever faithful desktop iMac has recorded “line drop” at least half a dozen times. This irritating & annoying interruption of line connection usually happened when you are in the midst of a chat, or uploading or downloading materials. It’s absolutely frustrating and a real waste of time.

Only today, the sales consultant told me that they could send me an antennae to help boost reception & prevent future breakdown. But why have they taken so long to let me know this? This wireless broadband service is more cumbersome than desired.

Getting cut-off in the midst of things is nothing to compare with my attempts in reconnecting. The pop-up windows will indicate a variety of unrelated reasons attributing to the settings since I have not done anything in my system preferences to warrant the breakdown or cut-off.

When you call for technical support, which horribly does not cover 24/7 basis, you are often faced with the dilemma outside the restrictive hours of call service.

The call on the line 1300 303 375 is not free, and if you are like me, calling on your mobile phone, it can get to be pretty expensive because of long delays. While you are on the phone, commercials will fill your ear, and often repeated will be their famous appeal: “Thank You For Your Patience”. Yes, patience indeed . . . a patience that turns & churns your stomach, a patience that shoots up your blood pressure . . . a patience that wants to make you cry “Enough is enough”.

My whole afternoon, evening and night were wasted . . . hopelessly waiting for that reconnection to come through. I gaze at the computer and soon the computer will be gazing back at me . . . for I’ll be snoozing . . .

It could take half an hour to get reconnection if you are lucky. But like today, it has taken forever! Wireless Broadband is such a nuisance – not steady, stable & reliable!

How not to be in aspin”? I could have “spun” all night!

If you don’t know how to “spin”, join “Spin”

You’ll soon learn to be an expert on “spin”.

We are not “statistical” number

We are fresh & blood for you to remember!

Internet Connect

Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server.

Please verify your setting and try again.”


So, it is another fruitless day & night with Spin!