The Voice

The Voice of Frank Sinatra
The Voice of Frank Sinatra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The VoiceTV Singing Competition

The demised legendary singing sensation, Frank Sinatra, known solely as “The Voice”, probably lend its name to the new television singing competition.

It’s a reality talent show which saw its initiation in the Netherlans & is now catching the world by storm. Its version, adopted & adapted globally, can differ from country to country, but its basic format is a blind audition, a battle phase & live performance shows.

Created & launched in 2010 by John de Mol, the owner of the production company called Talpa, its incredible success in the Netherlands has now caught on in China, where its own version of the show kicked off in July 2012.

The Voice comes with a “format bible,” which records every detail of the original TV program, such as lighting, theatrical design, stage setting and even standards for choosing the contestants.

The Voice has become a brand and television companies that want to produce it must pay a license fee to use the intellectual property.

“The success of the Voice worldwide can be explained by the positive energy that the show sends out. The coaches, the blind auditions and the fact that audience can play along add to this positivity,” said Maarten Meijs, managing director of Talpa Distribution.

It is fair to say The Voice is successful in another aspect: it earns a lot of money through advertising and televoting.

At a time when the consumers have their own ways to skip advertising, by recording programs or watching television on demand, advertisers are looking for new ways to incorporate publicity within shows. The Voice provides them with an opportunity.

An important element of the talent show is the color red. In the Netherlands, this element subtly refers to the main sponsor of the show: Vodafone, while in China, the color reminds the audience of the local main sponsor Jiaduobao drink.

Chinese audiences are drawn & attracted to the show because of the inherent nationalism theme, stressing on the concept of “living homogeneity”, quite apart from the commercial potential of product advertising & using digital media in the show.

By & large, The Voice renders people who live in obscurity the opportunity to become famous, stimulating celebrity mania.

It’s a known fact that some of the best talents, because of the lack of opportunity, lack of exposure, the natural fear of failure & rejection, become sadly missed, going to their graves with the best music interred with their bones.

So, let The Voice be heard & captivate!

If you have a gifted voice, sing to the world

Let your hidden singing gem be uncovered!


Source: CCTV/Xinhua

Source: Xinhua

Prayer Appeal for Joseph Teoh

A young man in the prime of life struck down by paralysis resulting from a board surfing accident on 10 December 2011. He still lie today  in Shenton Park Campus RPH (WARD 11 RM E) for extended medical care & support . . .

“Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” – Jeremiah 17:14


Donations Welcome: 

Send your donation to

Asian Australian Initiative Inc.

Westpac Account No: 736 – 065 182364

Thank You

Joe singing socially

A great man of God, a blessed worship leader and a gifted song writer. . . Don Moen sings: “I Am The God That Healeth Thee”, together with message from Evangelist Benny Hinn.

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 Joe & Mabel in happier times & at the hospital

Joseph (Joe), tall & 59 years young, works at the Post Office Distribution Centre, Perth International Airport, today lies at Shenton Park Rehabitation Centre where he was sent from, Royal Perth Hospital for life support & on-going medical care. He was struck down in knee-deep water while board surfing with his friend Mark at Mullaloo Beach, Perth, Western Australia on 10 December 2011.

Aussies generally love the sand, sun & surf.

It’s unbelievable that water can be both a friend & enemy without any forewarning. This surfing accident which happened in December 2011 is not the result of great tsunami waves but relatively calm water at 4 feet level. Joe in fact was making his way back to shore. But when Joe was still not back, his friend quickly turned around & found him floating face down.

Resuscitation was quickly administered while waiting for the ambulance. Joe was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital. The initial prognosis was not favourable & it came to as much as having to decide whether to pull off the life supporting device. He was in a coma initially. He has no sensation from the neck down.

Trusting in the Lord, and being good Christians, Mabel his wife & the rest of the family members strongly believe that God will heal Joe completely. God will make a way. God will make him whole.

Slowly, there has been some improvements. With insertion of trachea device, Joe could now eat, speak & even sing.

Video of Joe singing “Feelings”

Yes, Joe loves to sing. He has his first singing training as a choir boy when he was at the Seminary in Ipoh, Malaysia. In fact every Teoh family member is a good singer. Joe is a popular karaoke singer at social parties & charitable performances.

Things have been difficult for his wife Mabel. Virtually all hours she has been at his bedside. It’s hard for her coping with the situation. Let’s all of us think kindly & pray for a miracle for Joe, together with any possible assistance, which will be greatly appreciated.

Don Moen sings: “God Will Make A Way

We claim complete & wholesome healing in the wonderful & powerful Name of Jesus. AMEN.

LATEST UPDATE  (Month of September 2012)

Praise God! Joe has improved tremendously with the ability to raise his right hand, sit for longer stretch in his wheel chair, use his laptop computer, talk quite like normal & even sing!

He’s now at the Quadriplegic Centre, 10 Selby Street, Shenton Park WA 6008 – Ashburton Room 4

We claim complete healing in the name of Jesus! AMEN.

Karaoke Dinner Night Celebration

By P Chong                                                                     Sun. 3 October 2010

It’s a pity that celebration doesn’t last, no matter how joyous or jubilant. Our friend Tom, a retired engineer, bears a significant birthday which coincides with the National Day Celebration of the Peoples Republic of China. I thought we’ll give him a celebration that he won’t forget with the Roasted Suckling Pig as the big surprise. It was in a way to bid farewell to my two visiting sister-in-laws Anna & Jenny from Singapore & Malaysia after their month long stay as our guests, and last but not least, to welcome Michael our visiting “Singing Lawyer” cousin from Johore Bharu with his wife Lily.

As with our usual practice, it’s customary for the invited guests to bring along a dish to share. I must say there was a good array of delicious food display with every choice to satisfy the hungry stomach. Wow . . . the speed with which the roasted suckling pig disappeared from hand to mouth told me  too clearly that other dishes are of little compare.

13 Kg Roasted Suckling Pig

We were lucky to have the presence of Dr Yap Chin Fah, the “Singing Doctor” to render his expert hands in cutting up the 13 kg pig. Just look at the photos.

Birthday Boy Tom with his Architect Wife Florence

Dr Yap Chin Fah scissor cutting the pig with his expert hands.

Heng, a lawyer by profession, an international chef as a professional hobby, rendering a helping hand. (Below)

Four at a time elected to play mahjong
Tom & Florence Ong
Karen Chiang singing in Mandarin
Dr Yap Chin Fah - "The Singing Doctor"
Michael teoh - "The Singing Lawyer"

There was no shortage of Karaoke singers. Melody flowed . . . joy glowed . . . and we all had a wonderful time.

Some unfortunately couldn’t sing because of cough!