Spring on Falls Road, Lesmurdie, Perth Hills

View from John & Jen’s Front Garden

Let me take this opportunity in thanking Franco & Francesca for graciously initiating the inaugural First Spring on Falls Road in Perth Hills in 2011.

This Spring in October 2012, John & Jen invited most residents along Falls Road including adjoining neighbours in Nelson Crescent & Maxim Court.

You couldn’t find a more friendly bunch of neighbours in the whole Shire of Kalamunda or indeed the suburbs of Perth.

Franco & Francesca

Congratulations are in order to Franco & Francesca for having conceived & carried out the first gathering. For most people you could be living in a neighbourhood without ever knowing any other of your neighbours.Surely it’s not the case of the conservative English man only coming to greet your neighbour when happened to counter one another while holidaying in the Continent.

Perth Hills is a lovely place to live in, especially on the escarpment with scenic panoramic vista-vision of ever changing lights & colours.With neighbours like what we have, life is further enhanced. A smiling face, a waving hand & that welcoming greeting make all the difference in making for peace & harmonious living.

Lilian & I have been living here on Falls Road since February 1988 in a modest little place we call home that was built around 1979/80. I found this place quite by chance when out driving on my relief from the tedious hours of our delicatessen business in Barberry Square. The city view, the hills and the valley simply captivated me. So from Rossmoyne we found ourselves & our three children from the lowland to the highland.

We found that all our friendly neighbours were similarly attracted to the hills here because of, as the real estate guys will tell you, “location . . . location . . . location”. With straight run along Welshpool Road East, Orrong Road & Graham Farmer Freeway, Perth City is within reach well inside the half hour. You are in the metropolitan area and yet free of the hustle & bustle of city life. Here life is beautiful one day & perfect the next. And you have more friends than strangers along Falls Road, particularly if you are living beyond the junction of Nelson Crescent towards the escarpment end.

Our Host & Hostess – John & Jen

John & Jen, our host & hostess this Spring are a vibrant young couple. She drives a sports car & John’s happily making music with six bands in operation. He is a pretty handyman rendering beauty to the home by the touch of his hands.

Max & Raylene

Max & Raylene, who live  to the back of John & Jen, are very interesting people with rich life’s experiences. In a fast rewind, Max could thrill you with his skills & spills, with more places than you have ever been, & a life’s journey teeming with adventures. He depicts my kind of picture with the concept of “To grow, to progress is to change”. He’s got a pretty good sense of humour.

And he’s always changing for the better, like this house they are living in now. With his hands, he’s transforming it (built in 1976) into a luxurious modern home with every nook & corner of the home enjoying the million dollar scenic view.

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With the glow of the glorious sunset in front

Another Spring is awaiting us to greet an equally

exciting morning sunrise.

Greetings to Perth!

Brian O’Connor – A Most Delightful & Unusual Transperth Bus Driver

Kalamunda bus station
Kalamunda bus station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Brian O’Connor

Meeting Brian is so sublime

Unlike meeting of any kind.

He’s great & kind, respectable & admirable

For all his senior passenger, he’s adorable

Transperth buses could do with more guys like him

Each day in service he fails not to sing!

Kalamunda Bus Station

It was such a beautiful sunny Spring day on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 that I couldn’t resist the temptation of being outdoor. So I decided to take the bus to meet up with a couple of buddies at Satay Mu Restaurant in Kardinya for lunch.

My hour bus ride to Perth City is usually boring & seemingly long. That day was different – different because of Brian. He was greeting almost all his senior passengers of Kalamunda, chatting & engaging with them. Conversation held . . . laughter felt. Smile gleamed . . . atmosphere brightening. Time just slipped you by when you have fun.

I learnt a few things about him. Coming from South Africa, he has worked & lived in Perth more years than he’s been in Africa. Of some Anglo-Saxon descent, he’s fluent & eloquent like a typical English gentleman. He plays golf in his leisure time & rightly to be living in the enchanted valley of Araluen. He loves to travel & does possess a world of knowledge as reflected in his engaging dialogue.

Araluen Golf Club.Aerial View 9 & 18 Hole
Be Mystified by the Enchanted Valley . . . Tranquility away from the Stress & Strain of City Life

He wasn’t driving that day as he was instructing & familiarising Persely in the finer points of their Eastern Bus Route. Persely is new to Perth, having arrived as a new migrant only 6 weeks ago from Britain.


You wonder what kind of a working day Brian would normally have. Here, if I may quote from the horse’s mouth:

My apologies for the late reply but this week has been a very testing one, both mentally and physically. I’ve been going to bed at 8.30 pm every night totally drained and exhausted.

The highlight of our week was getting to meet a very interesting person like yourself and a few of my regular senior passengers whom I enjoy chatting to. It’s days like this that I’ll cherish where a few giggles are shared and we as human beings are mindful and respectful of each other regardless of race , colour, creed or social standing.

I try to do my job as best as I can, even though some can be extremely challenging & dissatisfying, I wonder wether I’ve made the right choice in choosing this career path towards my retirement, but then you experience a senior citizen who is courteous and overwhelmed with gratitude after you’ve just set her down closer to home and this is easier on those 95 year old legs that have taken her on many journeys. It’s days like this that makes all the others seem trivial, even as recent as 24 hours ago.

So if that day was the first and last that we met Paul, I’m pleased and glad that we did. I shall continue to read your blog site and be inspired by your literature.”

Beautiful Perth, Western Australia
Araluen Golf Resort, Rolystone, Western Australia



Keep it up

You’re doing a great job!

By P Chong                                                                                                        Tuesday, 12 April 2011

45mm or 1.9 inch Fish Bone

Relatively speaking fish bones are tiny

But when lodged in the human throat

The pain & suffering you cannot foresee

Is far greater than anyone’s thought!

When we first migrated here to Perth in 1982, most people consumed fish in fillet form. But eating fish ‘whole’ is traditional to the diet of the Chinese & Asians . . . whole in the sense of having the fins & the bones intact with the fish. Fillet is devoid of fins & bones. I guess, besides getting used to eating whole fish, you also need to be skilful lest you get choked with the fins & the bones.

On Saturday, 9 April 2011, Lilian & I had gone to the little Chinese Restaurant in Bateman where they serve their famous “fish head noodles”. As usual, the place was packed to capacity and now the local council has permitted them to have tables outside the premise too. There was no vacancy. But we were fortunate to grab hold of a tiny table big enough for just two persons in the corner near the entrance. Our order was taken and it took about twenty minutes or so before we could begin to taste our delicious crispy fried fish pieces.

Perhaps I was too much in a hurry, too eager to consume, as we have missed eating there for a long time. The usual lady boss was not around and the restaurant has young energetic staff, three or four of them all in their twenties. I asked whether the business has changed hands & come under new management. The young lady assured me no change.

Upon leaving, I felt a little uneasy in my throat. I thought that it could due to a tiny fish fin getting stuck in my throat. I asked for some plain white rice which they obliged. I swallowed some rice there & then, but the discomfort was still there.(Swallowing rice in lumps usually does the trick of removing small fish bones or fins). I thought with time it would go away. I drank more water and back to the house, I swallowed bread & more bread, since we did not have any rice then. All my attempts were to no avail. By the time evening arrived, I could not bear the discomfort any longer. Unfortunately, being a weekend and after hours, no doctor was available.

When Lilian rang our usual clinic through their emergency number, we were advised to go to the emergency ward in Swan Hospital, a good twenty-five minutes from our home.

Sad & disappointed to say, emergency still means “waiting like forever”.It must be at least three long hours of waiting before I was called in. I was in pain & suffering . . . even swallowing my saliva was most difficult & painful. This was agony . . . unseen & unimaginable.

X-rays were taken and the doctor could see a fragment of the fish bone lodged in my throat. He was rather skilful and within minutes was able to retrieve it & out of my throat & mouth. Gosh! I could not imagine the size of it. The fish bone measured 45mm or 1.9 inch long! It wasn’t the usual tiny fish bone that get stuck in the mouth! This was a real gigantic of a fish bone! Just look at the picture above.

The doctor was most cautious and he wanted to make sure that there was nothing left in there. So a further x-ray was taken and this revealed that there was still something there. He explored my throat – much to my discomfort. But he failed to find anything.

He said the ENT specialist would have the proper equipment to check further . He wouldn’t want to take the risk lest any remnant could lead to infection later on.

So I was sent by taxi paid for by Swan Hospital to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (see map below). This was about 4.00 AM.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Hospital Ave WA 6009  Nedlands   (08) 9346 3333

There they have adopted a policy of a maxim for minimum delay – four hours from registering to completion of treatment. Compared to Swan Hospital in Midland area, this is so much bigger and much busier. The ENT David is a nice young man, but he could do no more than what the doctor at the Swan Hospital had done. The ENT asked for further x-rays to be taken, and thought he might retain me till the radiologist could come by at about 8 AM to have another opinion. By 9 .00 AM I was cleared for release.

What a night of drama and all because of a fish bone. So, please don’t be too much in a hurry when eating fish. Accident such as mine are rare and few in between, but accidents do happen!



Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, Perth

By P Chong                                                             Wed. 24 March 2011

Friends & relatives talk about it

But I have never seen it

What can be so grand

That seems to make no sense?

On 4 Mar 2010 . . . Sculptures by the Sea took over the beautiful fine sand on Cottesloe Beach in Perth. Sunday March 22, being the last Sunday, I thought the crowd seeking out the pleasure would have dwindled, but the line of traffic & teeming crowd were even more so.

It was late in the afternoon when we finally parked & joined the bustling crowd. Armed with my new “toy”, a semi-professional Pentax K-r Digital SLR, my triggering finger never ceased to click for a moment. I was also experimenting with my old interchangeable lenses in the non-digital days gone by. I was happy & fortunate to be able to use those lenses all over again. Making the decision to buy this Pentax K-r DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) was about the quickest & easiest I ever had to make.

I used a very wide-angled lens to try as it were to capture it all with one single click! It’s the SMC Pentax 1:3.5 15 mm lens with various shades of colour settings such as skylight, yellow, red & orange. The effects were fantastic & the resulting shots wonderful. The sunset shots & silhouette shots just get to be more beautiful than the actual scene.

Have a look & share with me the joy of an amateur photographer:

My Image Gallery

The Enigma With Golf


Golf is said to be better than sex – more “sexiting”!  Why then so

segregated as compared with other sports? Why its popularity?


Two novice women golfers are out on the course one day. The first tees up her ball, swing, and watches as it takes off on a 90-degree angle. It flies about 20 yards, hits a rock, bounces off a cart path, hits a tree, careens off the tree and finally comes to rest in the middle of the fairway.

“Hey!” exclaims her friend, giving her a miffed look. “Why didn’t you tell me you’ve been practicing?”


Is this the scenario to explain why fewer women play golf than men? But then why do so many men play such a frustrating game? Could this be a cultural phenomenon – a past legacy of the alpha males playing at exclusive clubs? Tennis, a traditional country-club sport, however, is now being played by nearly as many women as men. With the availability of the abundant public courses in Australia, a trend should come round to see the number of woman players on the increase.

I guess such drama, no exception with men, makes up for golf as a less action-packed sport. Yet in a typical PGA Championship, the spectators that watch the game amounts to millions including those millions that watch it on television. Golf features no body contact, unlike Aussie football, and no car crashes nor cheerleaders . . . yet men are hooked with golf, making it the most segregated sport by sex than any other.

Frustration or incompetence never seems to deter guys from becoming obsessed with it. Golf is truly a “magnificent obsession”. It is claimed that golf is better than sex. A below par performance is considered good in golf as maintained by David Letterman in his Late Night Show’s Top Ten List. Best of all, if your equipment gets old and rusty, you can replace it.

According to the List, as an encouragement to seniors, you can still make money. Three times a day is even possible and your partner doesn’t hire a lawyer if you do it with someone else. If you live in Perth, as in Florida, you can do it every day – with the exceptional wet days.

I guess nothing sells like sex. With such truism, hefty prize money awards for both men and women, great television promotions drawing an increasing large captive audience, such affordability with the opening of abundant public golf course, and the fact that once hooked you’ll be hooked for life, I dare say no other game can be as popular as golf.

Enjoy it!

Paul Chong

An Avid Golfer