An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Let me share this highly scientific article with you. Damn good article, you guys better get to work.

In an age when it seems everything we enjoy will either kill you outright or destroy the planet, scientists have finally discovered a pearl amidst all the do’s and don’ts. According to Dr. Oz, having 200 orgasms a year will reduce your physiologic age by six years. In other words, orgasms are not one of life’s pleasures; they actually help you live longer.

 Who knew?

Apparently, researchers at Duke University had an inkling. The 200 orgasms Dr. Oz recommends is based on a study that followed people over time and tracked the amount and quality of sex they had. As a result, they found a correlation between overall health, longevity, and the amount of orgasms people experienced.

Another study following 1,000 people in Britain found those who had two orgasms each week had only half the death rate of others who had sex once a month or less. So the data is in – if you want to have a long and healthy life have lots of really good sex!


An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

In addition to adding years to your life, orgasms are good for the mind, body, and soul. Not only are they extremely pleasurable, they have a positive effect on just about every body process, from boosting the immune system to relieving depression. Here are a few more health benefits that come with orgasms:

Tension relief – Orgasms can bring about total relaxation and are a perfect anecdote to the stresses of the day. Physical and mental stress is a proven precursor of many diseases.

Orgasms improve sleep – After orgasm, blood pressure drops and your body is calmed which leads to a relaxed state where sleep can occur. A lack of sleep leads to a host of physical and mental disorders. Sex could be the ultimate natural sleeping pill.

Alleviates depression – Sex releases feel good endorphins as well as other hormones that have a positive effect on mood.

Boosts immunity – Orgasms release DHEA, a powerful chemical that helps keep the immune system optimized. Also, research shows people who have frequent sex have 30% more immunoglobin A, an antibody known to improve the immune system.

Muscle strength – All muscle contractions that occur during orgasm help strengthen those muscles. This is especially true for the uro-genital tract in women. Stronger muscles in the pelvic floor help with incontinence and childbirth.

Ease pain – Sex and orgasm causes the release of oxytocin, a natural opiate that is a powerful analgesic. Both pain from arthritis and headaches can be eased by orgasm.

Increased blood flow – Orgasms pump up blood flow to carry fresh oxygen and nutrients to every cell and organ in your body. This is largely due to the deep breathing and muscle contractions that occur during orgasm. 

May decrease cancer risks – Research is underway to determine if sex can decrease the risk of prostate and other cancers.

Obviously, a great sex life between partners has always been recognized as a catalyst for emotional well-being and the richly satisfying connection between two people. That alone is reason enough to engage in frequent sex with the one you’re committed to. But when you consider the added physical health benefits, even if you fall short of the recommended 200 ‘dosage’, lots of sex and numerous orgasms seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

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