Nude Painting Or Bodyart

By P Chong

"The naked Maja" by Goya

Nude painting has come a long way since my college days in 1959/60 when I first set my eyes on the “Naked Maja” by Francesco Goya (1746-1828), the famous Spanish painter. Known in Spanish as “a maja desnuda”, it is an an oil canvas painting portraying a nude woman reclining on a bed of pillows. It was executed some time between 1797 and 1800, and is sometimes said to be the first clear depiction of female pubic hair in a large Western painting. The painting is in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

As can be seen from the above picture, the beauty & physical attributes of the model (whoever she was) are somewhat of a different standard from the present norm.

Chinese Artist Paints Daughter As An Oriental Goddess

I am not an artist, but I notice that nude painting has evolved into a bodyart form. Not content to just presenting & displaying nude paintings on canvases, artists have developed an art on nude female bodies.

BodyPainting - Chinese Art

From my previous article “Flashing Feminine Wares For Masculine Stare & Dare!” (9 August 2009), you might remember some of these similar pictures.

These female models in the nude displayed classic Chinese paintings on their bodies at the 8th China (Zibo) International Ceremics Expo. Similar attempts have been seen at Motor Vehicle Exhibitions. Would you call this “sexploitation”?


Some artists are rather skilfull in presenting & displaying their art works. Here are some of the very best bodyart – could you perceive a naked model in each of the faces of the tiger?

Artist at Work

Flashing Feminine Wares For Masculine Stare & Dare!

Playfully & jokingly, I circulated an email from my desktop

entitled “Dare To Be Bare!”and the general response was

one of modesty.

Is modesty on the wane & nudity on the gain?

Are women in general getting more sane

It is inconceivable to know that French women are beginning to feel disdain for nudity, not when going by its long established tradition. In fact, when President Nicholas Sarkozy of France discarded his old wife to marry Carla Bruni, a former nude model, it made headlines. Proudly, the French were measuring her up & comparing her to Jacqueline Kennedy . . . proclaiming their own “exquisite” First Lady!


Carla Bruni – First Lady of France

Recently in July 2009 however, according to a TIME report, younger French women are no longer tolerating total nudity in beaches or naturist camps. The survey indicated the following findings:

  • 90% got naked with their husbands or partners

  • 59% avoided being naked around their children

  • 63% refused to undress around their female friends

  • 22% considered nudity as being even in their underwear

Imagine such sensitivities & strong opinions about public nakedness among the French.

Young American women are still only too happy to flash their wares in exchange for men’s stare & dare. Their northern neighbourly Canadians also have no disdain whatsoever over the nudity question. Toplessness or Topfreedom is legal in Canada. It is allowable & acceptable – so if you like to expose, every beach is topless.

In Australia, a land famous for sun, sea & surf all round the year, topless sunbathing on Sydney beaches is tolerated. Even Perth boasts of its own nude or naturist beach in Swanbourne with its impressive white sand & pristine Indian Ocean. It is located with its northern border next to the Australian Army SAS Base. I am told it’s definitely one of the top nude beaches found anywhere in the world! It’s open to public, unless the Army’s live firing exercises are being held.

3-2376.jpgThe Art of Bodyart


Since China’s coming of age on the world stage, its social & cultural life is on the wane. There appear to be no restraint & morality in several areas may make you faint. Physical exposition by young pretty Chinese demure females take on the challenge beyond self-gratification. They have been exploited by commercialisation in arena of sales & marketing and art exhibitions.


Bodyart or Painting

Beautiful artwork drawn & displayed on the bare bodies of fair Chinese ladies enticed the feasting of the eyes. Of course, there’s the unspoken word of caution: “Eyes See – Hands Touch Not” (Literally translated from Mandarin).

China07International Ceramics Expo in Zibo, China

pic03093Li Qin modelling for artist father

Sex sells. It’s “sexiting” over the modern world of human landscape.

What of shame or human decency?

Dare to bare for men’s stare or dare?

Have you heard of a Chinese artist painting his

naked model daughter as an oriental goddess?

ATT00002The Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Gosh! Men are also fronting their wares, though fewer than their counterparts, in this annual run at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, originally conceived for the development & support of music, culture & humanism. But what has nudity to do with them? Its popularity is attracting an international crowd.

Are we forgetting the question of human rights & pornography here?

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Sunday, 9 August 2009