G20 Summit in Brisbane 2014

Paul Chong / Sunday, 16 November 2014


U.S. President Barack Obama, center, with other world leaders gather during the G20 Summit family photo in Brisbane, Australia, Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014.

With Obama are from left to right, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, Chinese President Xi Jinping, British Prime Minister David Cameron, President of Mauritania Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Myanmar’s President Thein Sein, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais,Pool)

NOW, look at the picture below


What’s Obama doing? A “thumb-up” sign?

The “thumbs up” is an ancient Pagan hand sign of victory and virility .

Is he cheering himself to be the champion?

But look at his suit, especially his pants all creased & crumpled. Looks like he slept in them!

He looks like such a fool and makes America look even more foolish . The high office of the President should have dignity, prestige, honour, respect, truth (not lies) . . . certainly can’t afford to have a circus clown around.

His ears are popping out straining to hear applause.

Here at the G20 Summit, feeling more comfortable to be among most of his “puppets”, he’s throwing his weight & trampling down Putin, the Russian leader.

Led by Obama, western leaders confront Putin with threat of more sanctions.

Obama looks stupid indeed. Did Putin pound his shoe on the desk?

Hope the incident of “shoe throwing”, as happened to Bush, won’t repeat here.

Putin under pressure might leave G20 Summit early, though it’s confirmed that there’s nothing imminent requiring his attention back in Russia.

A Russian source said that the strongman faces intense pressure from the West over Ukraine.

Apparently, Ukraine & Russia are taking center stage at the Summit.

Despite being under intense pressure, Putin was all smiles, shaking hands with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Putin’s isolation was evident with his placing on the outer edge for the formal G20 leaders’ photograph. While Obama and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping were met by Australia’s governor general and attorney general when they arrived in Brisbane, Putin was greeted by the assistant defense minister.

By the way, as a matter of protocol, Tony Abbot, Australian Prime Minister & host of the Summit, should be standing in the middle & then be flanked by the rest of the dignities. Could he be pushed aside by Obama?

Well, as Obama been saying “If you’re not with us, then you’re against us!”

Obama at the APEC meeting held recently in Beijing was behaving rather “timidly”. Here he wants to exert his authority, and to show off as who’s the boss.

Interestingly, a side show is being played by the BRICS leaders

meeting ahead of the G20 Summit 

See picture below:


BRICS Leaders in unifying spirit


BRICS Leaders

From Left: Vladimir Putin, Nadranda Modi, Dilma Rousseff, Xi Jinping & Jacob Zuma


Body language can relate a host of tales.

Plus just my observation from the photos & on TV news.

The Irony & Tyranny Of It All . . .

By Paul Chong / Friday, 7 November 2014


The 9/11 attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, the mystery of which still hangs in the air. Believably, it’s a ploy & strategy for US justification to strike at others.

It’s moronic, insane & totally unthinkable for any country in the world to dare to invade or attack the US with all its war weapons & sophisticated military technology, nuclear power & capabilities, war ships & plane fighters, its fleet of aircraft carriers, its thousands of military bases covering the surface of the world. It would be suicidal & absolutely insane to say the least.

However, US is contradictorily telling the world that its national safety & security are being threatened. It’s driving itself like crazy to war with Russia, creating turmoil , chaos & instability just about everywhere. Its gutter level of propaganda is unimaginable.

President Obama, recipient of the Nobel Prize Award for Peace, has waged more wars than his predecessor Bush, besides constantly threatening wars on others. This is really ironic & laughable for he should be expected to promote peace rather than war. Shouldn’t his Nobel Prize be withdrawn?

There’s an old adage to make friends rather than enemies for even one enemy may turn out to be everywhere you turn. The Chinese are being wise extending peace & goodwill wherever they go – building, developing & sharing with other nations the prospect of prosperity. It’s clear to see the American are doing the reverse laying waste & destruction.

The American are indeed following the footstep of Islam, as invented by Prophet Mohammad, not as a religion of peace but as to justify his aggregation of worldly power & wealth.

If the American act as though all Muslims are evil, they run the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are well educated Muslims who generally are decent & peace-loving who deserve human respect & friendship.

Smile begets smile. Aggression begets aggression. That’s the natural law in operation. The same goes towards making friends or enemies.

I am no politician but like most observers will perceive, US is driving in all possible directions to provoke Russia to war over the question of Ukraine. Good thing that Russia has the good sense to remain cool & patient. Both countries have nuclear capabilities. Should there be a war, both will be annihilated.

China is not a hostile country. It certainly does not come near to compare with the might & power of US military. China quite easily is still 20 years behind the US in terms of military capabilities & technology. Given US technical assets, it will be a long way before China stands head over shoulder in this respect . . . unless China has had made some secret serious strides in the last few years.

What is there for US to fear except fear itself. Let’s hope US is not acting like a lame tiger in the jungle of survival, desperately pouncing & devouring on every animal big or small.

NSA Blackmailing Obama? Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

Fmr. NSA Russ Tice

Satellites Were Spying on Barack Obama,
Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus

Could blackmail be an explanation for the disheartening about-face of Candidate Obama vs. President Obama, especially regarding the Candidate’s promise to roll back all of the Bush (43) Administration’s Executive Orders, that he found to be unconstitutional? Instead, Obama has only further codified these and passed even more horrifically fascistic laws, such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives
him the right to arrest and infinitely detain and/or kill anyone, for any reason…?

Abby Martin of RT (Russian TV) talks to Russell Tice,

former intelligence analyst and

the original NSA whistleblower,

about how the recent NSA scandal

only scratches the surface of a

massive surveillance apparatus,

citing specific targets the he saw;

spying orders for former senators

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,

in addition to Colin Powell and David

Petraeus, the latter of whom was

recently was forced to resign as the

Director of Central Intelligence,

on the grounds that he could be

blackmailed because he’d had an

extra-marital affair.

Could blackmail be an explanation

for the disheartening about-face of

Candidate Obama vs. President

Obama, especially regarding the

Candidate’s promise to roll back all

of the Bush (43) Administration’s

Executive Orders, that were found

to be unconstitutional? Instead,

Obama has only further codified

these and passed even more horrifically

fascistic laws, such as the National

Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),

which gives him the right to arrest and infinitely detain and/or kill anyone,

for any reason…?

Video (11:49 mins):

NSA Blackmailing Obama? Interview with

Deceptions USA

English: Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere par...
English: Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere party of TV series Parks and Recreation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A film, by Chris Pratt, you MUST watch to know the truth of the events & affairs as happened during Bush/Cheney times . . . extended & accentuated in Obama Administration.The web of deceptions is simply astounding & overpowering. They say if you keep throwing mud onto the wall eventually some of the dirt will stick.

So wake up and don’t just believe all that you see & read as provided by the mainstream media.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

become really

Words of Mass Deception!


Bush/Cheney . . . kind of shadowy past

You will see many people who lied & got away with their lying.

Contrl IMF Worl Bank

Contrl of nation's money. . . Woodrow Wilson 1916

This is the full version of the “deceptions” film. It was produced by an activist with NO film making experience for $750 and it was released in 2010. In spite of an amateur status “deceptions” was well reviewed and has developed rather a “cult” following.


Federal Reserve Bank

Deceptions is a six part film that traces a string of deceptions from 9/11, through the Bush Administration and now the Obama Administration, oil and banking power and fraud, media collusion and the existence of a controlling elite.

It ends with a plea for the people of America to become citizen journalists – to report what they see and to encourage full discovery, disclosure and debate on myriad of issues that intentionally remain hidden from public view

YouTube (58.10 mins)


Be Creative & Innovative to be Productive

English: Roadside billboard of Deng Xiaoping i...
English: Roadside billboard of Deng Xiaoping in Lijiang (Yunnan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his...

People are generally negative & restrictive

They fall into the “existence trap”

Existing with the world flashing by

Without as though a worry & care.

Dead as a door nail

Rotting away with the gale

The weather & wind perform their parts

Till time sets all apart!

Without initiative & drive, the world will drift you by. You’ve got to be alert to catch up with the time which is fast speeding by. Miss the train you’ll be in pain . . . finding yourself lagging behind. The proverbial truth that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step bears out clearly to you. So take the initiative & move on.

Besides changes are refreshing. It’s exhilarating & exciting. When you live your life out with emotion, excitement & enthusiasm, you’d find life worth the living . . . under any circumstances. This is YOU ruling the circumstances rather than the reverse . . . you’ve got to put yourself in the driver’s seat. Chart the course & navigate the way.

If you aim high & miss the sky, at least you’re landing midway high! It’s obvious that you’ve got to do something to achieve something, doing nothing means getting nothing at all.

In the old days, people were more “sedentary”, staying put in one place. Unlike the present era, people are constantly on the move. They are internationally mobile with their first class credentials & academic qualifications, seeking jobs & opportunities globally. Salesmen too are not confined to restrictive territories & boundaries. They are flying here & there & everywhere! Life as a whole is different.

When you’re old & retired, life takes on a different plane of excitement. Who says retirement is for the rest of your natural life? If you stayed retired & do nothing, you’re gonna meet St Perter in the Pearly Gate sooner than expected.

Creativeness & innovativeness do not stop chronologically. Your brain cells must be nourished & kept afresh all the time. Stimulation keeps you young mentally. Sir Winston Churchill & Deng Xiaoping were both old but not feeble . . . achieving greatness only in the later years of their lives. A living testimony is in the person of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore or Prof. Wang Gangwu (privileged to have him as my former university lecturer) in the academic field.

Change should not be for the sake of change. Change must always be for the better. Often it involves some calculated risks. But remember nothing venture nothing gain.

Change needs to come from “within” not from “without”. Politicians always promise heaven & earth which they are never able to fulfil. President Obama is typically the best example.

Be not afraid of changes. Take them in their strides. Be courageous even when angels fear to tread. Take the calculated risks . . . to dream & build, to conceive & believe, to strike & to be bold, to stand tall & be counted . . . and in the end to stand proudly & declare unto the world saying: “THIS I HAVE DONE”!

PM meets Lee Kuan Yew
PM meets Lee Kuan Yew (Photo credit: Downing Street)


US Extreme Game of Economic Dominoes

~By P Chong

Financial Dominoes

It is as though US is playing an economic game on the world stage, & all the countries are playing along dangling on the string or as cards or domino tablets falling along as “waves of tsunami” sweep over them.

Ever played Dominoes? The global economic fallout or meltdown is kind of similar to the domino effect. The economic hammer or axe knows no friends or foes. Every sphere of human endeavour is sort of interlinked or entwined in the economic meltdown. Like the newspapers, the source of news & information, if not for the bad news there would be no news. Their revenue is fast depleting with decreasing commercial advertisements & deepening deficits. They have to come out fast with a complete menu of alternatives before sinking under.

Paul Volcker, who was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan (from August 1979 to August 1987) & currently Chairma of the newly formed Economic Recovery Advisory Board under President Barack Obama, in his recent address to the Canadians in Toronto as part of the Grano Speakers series, suggested that the banking world could do with more Canadas. He pointed out that the basis of strong banks lies in the traditional commercial banking practices of “taking in money & providing credit” – unlike the high-risk financial highwire acts that brought down Wall Street. In this light, Canada is far better off then the US, Europe or UK & Japan. Trust & confidence are two key words in the world of banking & investment. Paul Volcker really hit the nail on the head.

The crux of the global problem is that US “Financial Frankensteins” spun their vast economic web enveloping & capturing their unsuspecting victims the world over, including the City State of Singapore draining off substantially a great percentage of its assets through its Tamasek’s investments. It’s likened to a worst form of financial cancer spreading without any imminent hope in sight. It’s doom that projects all the gloom without any comfortable room or garden to bloom.

In totality, all the Rescue Packages amount to more than $4 trillion, an amount nearly ten times larger than the budget deficit for all of 2008. In just 30 odd days Obama has earned the distinction of becoming the single profligate spender in history. The $4 trillion is made of $787 billion stimulus package, $3 trillion administration’s bank bailout plan & $275 billion anti-foreclosure plan.

Do you realise how immense or massive US$4 trillion dollars is? Can you visualise it? To help you see the picture here’s a couple of illustrations:

1.If you were a very rich man living at the time of Christ … and you could have started saving $1 billion per year every year thereafter, you’d still be only half way there! You’d need still another 2000 years to finance what Obama has committed to spending in just the one month since he began his presidency.

2. If you could borrow $4 trillion at 6% interest, your interest payments alone would be $240 billion per year, $548 million per day, $761,000 per second.

As can be seen, there is no quick fix solution in monetary terms or time. Of all countries in the world, China is perhaps in the best position in the face of this financial crisis. It keeps saying that it has to take care first of its own internal economy, which is suffering a slowdown in the economic fallout, before it can venture out & extend its helping hands. US however is fast to extend its hands of economic friendship & sealed its relationship with China through its State Secretary Hilary Clinton on her maiden overseas (Asian) overture.

I categorically maintain that it’s GREED that breeds the fall, & it’s GREED that’s swallowing them all!

Benjamin Franklin would say this: “He does not possess wealth; it possesses him.” People can be so materialistic and self-centered that community spirit becomes lacking. It follows that if wealth is lacking & debts are mounting, death would be sounding.

Predictably, some of their policies will help. Most will fail … backfire … and aggravate the crisis. And in the end, a whole new monetary system will be needed. It will be interesting to speculate what will the consequential world order be? Which country will ultimately emerge victoriously & powerfully on the world stage?

US Greenback Is Doomed!

By Paul Chong         Sunday 6 December 2009

(A composite report from reliable sources)

“Capitalism creates a rational frame of mind which, having destroyed the moral authority of so many other institutions, in the end turns against its own.” – Joseph A. Schumpet

Japanese toymaker Bandai has released paper-thin bath soap that looks like the American 100-dollar bill.(Xinhua/AFP Photo)

Environmental experts recently called toilet paper

“one of the greatest excesses of our age.”

Once the pride & might

Its collapse is now in sight!

This is not just theory. It’s the real thing! Let’s hear from the experts:

US billionaire & investment guru, Jim Rogers, influential former partner of financier George Soros (The World Today Dec 3, 2009) is advising investors to desert the greenback and put their money into commodities. He says the US dollar is a flawed currency that has no future.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Paul Samuelson, hardly an alarmist, has characterised U.S. financial imbalances as so severe and “irreversible that we must accept that at some future date there will be a run on the dollar. Probably the kind of disorderly run that precipitates a global financial crisis.” . . . while other monetary experts now warn, “We’re in the terminal stages of the world’s most gigantic pyramid scheme.”

Or as Dr. Ron Paul, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, recently noted about the rampant, unprecedented money creation going on, “If we continue doing what we are doing right now, we will literally destroy the dollar.”

The first dramatic debt growth spurt of US debt-based approach financing system occurred with the Civil War. The debt was just $65 million in 1860, but passed $1 billion in 1863 and had reached $2.7 billion following the war, slowly fluctuating for the rest of the century, finally growing steadily in the 1910s and early 1920s to roughly $22 billion as the country paid for involvement in one war after another – wars which they never did win.

When compared to hard money backed by gold or silver, this debt-based approach has the advantage of making the currency elastic, giving the government a means of expanding or contracting the money supply in response to changing economic conditions. The disadvantage of this approach is inflation. The money supply must be continually expanded in order to finance interest payments on the debt by which it is issued. This devalues the currency, causing inflation.

All signs point toward the U.S. dollar – already down one-third against other world currencies since 2002 – heading at breakneck speed for a precipitous and historic crash.

While all global currencies are falling against tangible

assets, the US Dollar is falling faster.

Unmistakable warning signs reveal here point to a monetary crisis on the verge of spinning wildly out of control, leading to massive INFLATION and quite possibly, a sudden and catastrophic dollar collapse that will forever change US nation.

Mr. Obama, in a recent cable news interview during which he tried to rationalize his multi-trillion dollar spending spree, conceded with a chuckle,“we are out of money now. We’re operating in deep deficits…” This admission came only a few months into his term, and even before he committed upwards of $50 billion more in U.S. taxpayer funds to bailing General Motors out of the hole!

Major foreign investors such as China are quickly catching on to the hard reality of US insolvency. Inescapably, they’re concluding that the “only way Washington can keep its Ponzi finance going is by running the monetary printing presses non-stop.”

Mega-investor Warren Buffett recently admitted publicly that the frantic spending and money creation underway right now will trigger a currency-destroying inflation that will be much more severe than in the 1970s.

Big-time investment gurus such as Jim Rogers dispatched a strongly worded email offering this sobering assessment:

“The world at large does seem to understand innately that governments are bankrupting themselves and destroying paper currency.”

The sheer havoc unleashed by a dollar crisis will be nationally jolting on a par with Pearl Harbour, John F. Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11. And yes, the bottom could drop out in just a single harrowing day.

The coming dollar collapse will wreak economic and social havoc far beyond skyrocketing prices. Widespread fuel and food shortages, relentless crime waves and the government’s endless socialistic machinations will devastate the American way of life like a giant tornado.

US – Greatest Debtor Nati

With US main creditors & all the global supporters pulling out,

there will be a catastrophic tsunami unimaginable.

Just this week, US Fed Chief Ben Bernanke declared the US economy is facing “formidable headwinds” & effectively vowed to continue its relentless printing paper dollars.

China’s Andy Xie, recently named by BusinessWeek as one of China’s most influential economists, quickly reacted with the accusation that Bernanke was “poisoning” the US economy by keeping interest rates near zero & creating a tidal wave of newly printed paper dollars. He warned that the next global crisis will be driven by asset inflation . . . which is exactly the present scenario.

Incidentally, toilet roll goes off very quickly towards its end!

Being at the top is not good, there is only one
way to go from there – down.