Martin Jacques: Understanding the Rise of China

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 Martin Jacques is the author of “When China Rules the World,” and a columnist for the Guardian and New Statesman. He was a co-founder of the think tank Demos.

This is one idea definitely worth sharing from TED.

What makes China tick?

Speaking at a TED Salon in London 2010, economist Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise? The author of “When China Rules the World,” he examines why the West often puzzles over the growing power of the Chinese economy, and offers three building blocks for understanding what China is and will become.

Wonderful insight! Great lecture!


“China is not like the West, and it will not become like the West as its economy expands over the next decade.”

“This is China , a civilization state rather than a nation state.”


Economist Martin Jacques, author of When China Rules the World, explores why those in the West have trouble understanding China ’s growing power.

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