Karaoke Dinner Night Celebration

By P Chong                                                                     Sun. 3 October 2010

It’s a pity that celebration doesn’t last, no matter how joyous or jubilant. Our friend Tom, a retired engineer, bears a significant birthday which coincides with the National Day Celebration of the Peoples Republic of China. I thought we’ll give him a celebration that he won’t forget with the Roasted Suckling Pig as the big surprise. It was in a way to bid farewell to my two visiting sister-in-laws Anna & Jenny from Singapore & Malaysia after their month long stay as our guests, and last but not least, to welcome Michael our visiting “Singing Lawyer” cousin from Johore Bharu with his wife Lily.

As with our usual practice, it’s customary for the invited guests to bring along a dish to share. I must say there was a good array of delicious food display with every choice to satisfy the hungry stomach. Wow . . . the speed with which the roasted suckling pig disappeared from hand to mouth told me  too clearly that other dishes are of little compare.

13 Kg Roasted Suckling Pig

We were lucky to have the presence of Dr Yap Chin Fah, the “Singing Doctor” to render his expert hands in cutting up the 13 kg pig. Just look at the photos.

Birthday Boy Tom with his Architect Wife Florence

Dr Yap Chin Fah scissor cutting the pig with his expert hands.

Heng, a lawyer by profession, an international chef as a professional hobby, rendering a helping hand. (Below)

Four at a time elected to play mahjong
Tom & Florence Ong
Karen Chiang singing in Mandarin
Dr Yap Chin Fah - "The Singing Doctor"
Michael teoh - "The Singing Lawyer"

There was no shortage of Karaoke singers. Melody flowed . . . joy glowed . . . and we all had a wonderful time.

Some unfortunately couldn’t sing because of cough!


By P Chong                                          Tues. 7 September 2010

Miscommunication occurs due to failing to communicate clearly. There could be a lack of clear or adequate communication or people merely hear what’s said without really paying close attention through listening. Communication too can be misconstrued, misinterpreted & understood giving rise to a lot of complications and unwanted problems.

In most cases, we get different meaning of the words than they intended. Even body language can create a different impression, though in place of verbal communication it can be most effective.

Miscommunication can lead to misunderstanding, argument, hurt & anger and to the extent of creating personal conflict.

Communication Illusion

Who’s being heard?

Here’s an interesting picture on how miscommunication occurs based upon a written memo from the CEO to the staff of a particular organisation, as it filters through the hierarchy rung of management.

By the time the message reaches the bottom rung from the Supervisor to the staff, it is all distorted & reduced to just one sentence. The whole essence is filtered & lost in its downward transmission.

People only hear but not listen!

As a general rule,since God endowed us with two ears & one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we talk.

No Hearing, No Seeing & No Talking

Picture of misery

Picture & Illustration Source: Google