An Incredible Wood Carving: A Tree of Art

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What A Man Did With This Tree Trunk Will Blow Your Mind . . . An awesome piece of art . . . no mere task . . . a master piece of wood carving of incredible details resulting from 8,760 hours of work by famous wood carver – Zheng Chunhui.


One tree, four years of work and an indescribable amount of talent: thats what it took to create this incredible masterpiece. A famous Chinese wood carver chopped down a single tree and tirelessly worked on it for over four years to make this piece. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see what he created.


It all started out with a simple tree trunk


Then Zheng Chunhui, a famous wood carver, spent over four years creating this masterpiece.


The carving is based on the famous Chinese painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival. The original artwork was created over 1,000 years ago.


The piece won the Guinness World Record for the longest wooden carving and measures over 40ft (specifically, it is 12.286 meters long, is 3.075 meters tall at it highest point, and is also 2.401 meters wide).

 The intricate carvings of daily life in ancient China are so detailed and perfect, they could drop your jaw.

 Its no surprise that this incredible work of art is drawing so much attention. Its amazing, but not just because its so big, but also because its so incredibly detailed.

That was 8,760 hours well spent. Share this awesome work with others.



World’s Shortest Woman

WORLD’S SHORTEST WOMAN Jyoti Amge was recognised by The Guinness Book and Limka Book of Records as World’s Shortest Girl. She celebrates her 18th birthday on 16th December 2011 and become the Shortest Woman in the World. She measures 62.8cm (2ft 0.7in) tall and she weighs only 12 lbs (9 lbs more than she did at birth).

On 14 Sep 2012 – The 18-year-old, who is just 2ft 0.7in tall, has already appeared in a Bollywood movie and says she now plans on pursuing a career in Hollywood.

I would like to be an actress and win an Oscar.”

She was named the world’s smallest woman last year, but Jyoti Amge has no intention of allowing her size to prevent her from fulfilling her dreams.

I am proud of being small,” she said during an interview with The Sun. “I have the same thoughts and the same dreams as you.”

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