China Global Television Network – CGTN


cgtn-buildingCGTN Building in Beijing

Paul Chong                                 Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The role of multi media plays a significant part in the eco-political & social growth of the nation. Its impact & influence come softly & miraculously.

CGTN (China Global Television Network) is a 24-hour English/Mandarin news channel based in Beijing, housed in a most peculiar building known as the “Underpants Building”.

img20170208093100China 24

Symbolically, the building has two legs (towers) surging towards heaven to be spanned & joined angularly at the top by horizontally built structure.

CGTN is owned by China Central Television. Originally known as CCTV (China Central TV) it was founded on 25 September 2000. As of 1 January 2017, it has changed to this new name as CGTN.

img20170208053046img20170208033217Tian WeiTian Wei’s “World Insight”

It carries 56 channels. Only Channel 7 is in English covering a wide range of topics. CGTN is manned by a good many professional presenters recruited from various parts of the world. Perhaps, CGTN would in due course increase the number of programs in English.

img20170208083636img20170208092730Beijing is the home base with two others at Nairobi & Washington . . . three strategically well placed locations. So, the air waves flow from Beijing right across the continent of Africa onto the American continent. Europe & Asia are all covered, of course.

There’s a program for every taste . . . Variety is the spice of life & colours make the world go round.

See the difference . . . Hear the difference . . .
And the difference grows . . . Just like everything else
growing rapidly in China!

img20170208101409By the way, CGTN is watched via satellite dish installed at a cost of under AUD1,000, a one-off payment without any further commitment, unlike Foxtel. Besides CGTN & associate programs, you’ll get other English programs & movies (all in English) from Japan, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, France etc.


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