Story of the Five Fingers

Story of the Five Fingers


Let me tell you a moral story

Of the Five Fingers seeking glory

The Thumb was strong, stout & proud

Ruling leadership contest out

Whereupon the Index Finger pointed out

That challenge was there and about

The Third Finger stood tall and said

You’re all short & below me you’ll stay.”

Then the Fourth Finger countered

Urging them to recall their day’s of great encounter

Everyone agreed that it was their wedding day

When they had the ring with the Fourth Finger there to stay

Being so important, he claimed the day

Finally & amusingly, the Last Finger took hold of the ship

Reminding them all of the Holy Bible

The first shall be the last & the last shall be the first principle.”

When the argument seemed futile

The Guardian Angel from above put them to the trial

She dropped a piece of paper for each one to pick

Seemingly ridiculous, the Thumb tried to stick

But alas he could not lift

Likewise with each & everyone in turn

The paper appeared to be such a burden

When everyone was satisfied with their own vain attempts

The Guardian Angel urged them to combine to save their energy then

Together they picked up the paper

Then they realised what they could master.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Reminiscing the Past

Reminiscing the Past

The old scenery is still there . . . never fading

But looking ahead should be more exciting.

In the words of  Soren Kierkegaad:

“Life can only be understood backwards;

but it must be lived forwards.”

prindawnPrincess Dawn Cruise

It is said, in life we do three things: we’re born, we consume and we die. As you get on in years, history accumulates future fades . . . that’s why old folks tend to reminisce the good old days, since the days ahead are dimming, fading and getting less and less, and worst of all teeming with lots of uncertainties!

In so doing, the joy of redeeming and recapturing the days gone by, seem all so exciting, rejuvenating . . . making life more comforting and worthwhile. We were young once with all the life, dreams, hope & aspiration ahead of us. We are not old and silly fools. We have wisdom gained through life’s experiences unmatched by any other form of education. We have had our adventures, travels to exotic places, had rendezvous of the kind that the young ones never know about. We have had our studies with good academic qualifications and credentials. We have had our successes and failures. All materialistic accomplishments go towards not just history accumulation but also the fortification of the future.

sunsets-on-huangshan01.jpgSunset in Huangshan, China

The reality is, life is so full of vanity and futility. Life is like a hurricane. It hits you hard momentarily and just as quickly it’s gone! Prosperity is good, but neglect not life’s posterity.

I guess it’s easier for most to look back than to look forward. But then the glory of the morning sunrise is no more glorious than the magnificence of the golden sunset. It all depends on you as an individual. Your ATTITUDE is your FORTITUDE. Attitude scales the ALTITUDE. Needless to say, attitude is more important than aptitude! Believe you me, we’ve been there . . . done it . . . lived it!

My grandfather & father shared little or none of their past with me. It is like having a good musician interred with his best music . . . lost to the world. It’s so sad! My song shall be heard through the generations. It’s the least of the legacies to be left behind.

Though the years ahead may diminish in proportion to the accumulated years behind us, it is for posterity that we recount the past. Perspectively, history provides guidance and teaching, faith, hope, love and respect for the good things that were done before the coming of the young. Thus, be willing to listen when the old folks talk. We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we should talk.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent