Be Kind to Twilight Years

Too good not to share . . . 

To those of us who are now in our twilight years, this is a worthwhile read … profound message from the famous novelist YANG JIANG (杨绛) written at age of 103. She passed away at age 105 on May 2016:*

*Below is her beautiful meaningful  message 善待暮年
Be Kind to Twilight Years

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.31.38 am.png

From the first cry on coming to the earth till the hairs turn grey, the baggage of our journey through life has filled with all bitterness and sweetness as well as ups and downs. Next, how happy can we be on the path of our twilight years will depend on our physical mental condition.

Life’s glory and splendor are all behind us and we are now just going through the daily chores of keeping life going.

Once we yearned for a glamorous life, now we realize the most wonderful and beautiful scenery in life are moments of tranquility.

Do not anxiously wait for the visits of our children. They have their own lives to take care of; they are like tops being spun continuously, sandwiched between the young and old. The old one is the evening sun, whereas the young is the morning sun, and of course the young will get more attention; this is nature’s law. It is human race survival cycle and no one can defy it. Please remember: our children is always more busy than us.

In life whether it is husband and wife or parents and children , no matter how harmonious and how close they are, each one is unique and an independent entity. Therefore we need to learn to cope with loneliness by finding ways to console and cheer ourselves up when feeling lonely.

In reaching our golden age, we have our self esteem and graciousness just like the cycle of the four seasons, each has its own grace and beauty. Smile & enjoy each phase of life.

Twilight years is the beginning of a good phase in life. It is calm, peaceful, unhurried & joyful. We have to maintain peace, be less demanding, more accomodative & forgiving, not to over reeact when receiving attention of being ignored. To stay or to godoes not matter anymore. Keep smiling whyile moving ahead each day and be kind to ourselves.

Being honest & sincere will make friendships last. Do not expect a return on whatever you have given to others, after all, making others happy is life’s greatest achievement.


A Personal Beach Story

By Stephanie Chong (11)


Here’s another story by my prolific writer granddaughter Stephanie, who never at any time wastes in triviality. She’s always either reading or writing, when out shopping, or even at the dining table. She has since written many stories and has since read more than 50 books. Her creative imagination and writing skills are undoubtedly beyond her age.

“Can we rent some bodyboards?” Dad asked a man – who was as brown as dark chocolate in my opinion. He nodded and immediately jogged over to the back, rummaging through a pile of things that I did not know you could acquire from working at a beach all day.


“Is there one for her size as well?” Dad added, pointing at me. The point seemed a little unnecessary to me – I was the only female who looked like I would be close enough to him to bodyboard with him. Anyways, I doubted they made bodyboards specifically for children my size, but the man managed to produce a board that was surprisingly just my size. Feeling all over the baker-miller pink surface, I clutched my temporary bodyboard, a smile spreading over my face.


“Thank you,” I smiled politely at the man, who smiled back gently.


“You’re welcome!” he replied in voice obviously a few octaves higher than his usual voice. Then again, my height did imply that I was a younger age than what I actually was.


The man handed Dad the other three boards, and I hopped down the sandy wooden steps onto the powdery sand.


“Look, it’s high tide,” Dad commented as a giant wave lapped against the shore. Immediately, I raced towards the ocean that was the colour of a glittering aquamarine, water droplets splashing around  me as I leapt about in the water. Strapping the bodyboard to my wrist, I jumped onto it and paddled deeper into the ocean, Daddy following suit.


“A big wave is coming!” I shouted and started paddling towards the shore. The bubbles soon engulfed me as I shot forwards in the water, kicking against it. Soon, I was on the sandy shore of the beach, giggling happily as I clambered to my feet.


Instantly, I grabbed my bodyboard and headed out in the sea again, bobbing about in the water as I waited for giant waves to come. However, after bodyboarding a few more times, I spotted Dad in the sea, searching for something frantically.


Absentmindedly ambling towards him, I wondered if he had gone mad, looking for something in the sea. It was impossible that he would ever find it again. I knew that from experience – when I had gone to the beach a different time for a holiday, I had stupidly tied my hair in a loose braid before stepping into the sea, and the result was one less hair tie in my possession.


Impossible, I berated myself in a mocking tone as Dad loomed closer and closer. You should remember nothing is impossible with God.


“What is it Daddy?” I asked him as a small swell caused me to bob up a bit, my head staying above the water despite the fact that my feet barely brushed the ground.


“Have you seen my phone?” he asked as I floated back down and my feet reached the sandy ocean floor again.


I shook my head, a blanket of fear descending upon me. A phone would be absolutely impossible to find without God’s help – even if someone else found it, they might not give it back. People are so selfish these days.


I dragged my bodyboard to the shore with Mom and started walking carefully along the sand, hoping desperately to find his Note 8. Shells pricked our bare feet, but still we persisted, though I made a mental note to wear my crocs next time something like this unfortunately happened.


Daniel sprinted across the shore and waded in the left side of the ocean, sharing some geography facts that would aid us in finding the phone.


After around 20 minutes, Mom and I bumped into Dad as we searched the shore.


“I’ve been stupid.” He shook sand from his black slippers before slipping them back on. I didn’t understand what he was talking about – obviously he had the sense that Mom and I didn’t have to put on shoes before searching the shell-covered shore.


“What do you think the chance of us finding my phone is?”


“0.42,” I promptly answered my dad, recalling what Brainy had said about Winn in my favourite DC series, “Supergirl”.


“And what about with the help of God?”


Oh, now I understood.




Dad went to call Daniel back from the sea and they returned, racing back with news. Apparently Daniel had asked a stranger with a snorkel to help us search, but he didn’t seem to care and went on lying lazily on a donut floatie.


Well, at least it was something.


We formed a circle and bowed our heads, and for a while, we were silent. Just when I was going to ask when we were going to pray, Dad spoke.


“Heavenly Father God, please help us find my phone. I have been foolish to bring my Note 8 into the sea, but please help us. I have learned my lesson. In Jesus name, Amen.”


“Amen,” three more voices chimed in.


Dad brushed his hands together. “Well, let’s let Father God work his miracle.”


Returning to the inviting cool water, Dad, Daniel and I swam way out to the furthest part of the ocean that we were allowed to swim in. When we reached it, I was surprised to find other people in a place I thought no one would think to go. On our left, I spotted a small western posse consisting of a little girl and what seemed to be her father (though his hair was a rather bright shade of white) who weren’t holding onto anything floating, and seeing the blonde-haired girl paddle around made me feel embarrassed that I was holding onto my baker miller pink bodyboard. Then I realised that westerns were much taller than people from Hong Kong – myself being a prime example – and assumed that the father/grandfather was probably tall enough to reach the ocean floor from so far out.


“Beep, beep!” A lifeguard boat trundled in the water, the man hard at work paddling the oars through the water, as he told us to move left. Dad turned to us and suggested that we returned to Mom, who was probably feeling a little bored at the moment, so we turned and started paddling.


On the way, Dad picked up random bits and bobs from the littered ocean floor, announcing that he wanted to help those poor turtles, even if just a little, for the sake of our own pet turtle Shelly Shell (otherwise known as Miss Shell). The pile of random widgets kept growing, until Dad’s sickening yellow-green bodyboard could hardly hold both his weight and all the stuff he had collected.


“Daddy, I think by the time we reach the shore Ariel’s secret stash of gadgets and gizmos will really get a lot barer,” I giggled, observing all those things.


“Whose Ariel?”


Sometimes people just can’t learn.


When we reached the shore (we had returned a lot sooner, since a huge wave had very kindly pushed us all the way back on the beach), Mom raced out to us, shouting whether we had seen the keys for the lockers we had rented. When we shook our heads, Mommy sighed and frowned at the water.


“First the phone, now the keys,” I grumbled to myself as I kicked the water.


“Fish pee in you all day!” I quoted Moana as I stomped about. The ocean didn’t seem to care, or seperate like in the movie I loved so much. I suppose it got used to the phrase after the big hit that is Moana got released.


Maybe I am a teensy bit of a Disney fan.


After searching for only a while (a lot shorter than we had for the phone, since apparently that flat piece of electronic that would be easily replaceable was more important than our belongings), we concluded that the best solution would be to, very embarrassedly, confess to the lifeguard that we had lost the keys.


This could either go down really bad, or really really bad. Neither of them were really wanted.


When we trudged our way the office, the lifeguard lifted his shades and squinted at us. Perhaps he needed glasses.


“Note 8?” he asked in not very good English, because, after all, this was Hong Kong.


“Come again?”


The lifeguard strode into a room, and when he came out, he produced a Note 8 that looked eerily similar to Dad’s. He stared at Dad as if waiting for him to do something.


“Yours?” he asked again.


Dad gingerly took the phone from the lifeguard’s hands – which would be considered a rude action if not for the tension so thick that you could slice it with a knife. Slowly, he turned on the Note 8, and the screen became bright before morphing into the same background as Dad’s phone.


“This is a promising start,” Mom noted calmly.


On the other hand, I cried out, prancing about like a madwoman. “It works, Daddy, it works!”


Mom quickly took out her own white IPhone and dialed Dad’s number to prove that it was really his phone, and to our delight, the phone really was! Thank goodness – how was I going to Clash Royale with him without that phone?


“Thank you God, thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you, Lord,” we thanked, and rushed off to tell Daniel, who was still bodyboarding, probably leaving the non-Christian lifeguard very puzzled.


For a long time afterwards, this event was the subject of our conversations most of the time. Daddy kept pointing out how amazing God’s grace was and I kept celebrating with ice creams. Even after months, this event was my excuse to enjoy ice cream, and as I told Dad, you could never have enough ice cream. Thank you Father God for letting me experience your grace and have lots of ice creams celebrating the occasion!


Songwriting: A Profession Or Inspiration


By Paul Chong
A Chinese by Descent
An Australian by Consent
Saturday, 28 July 2018

William Shakespeare was a great sonnet writer. A sonnet is a poem in a specific form which originated in Italy; Giacomo da Lentini is credited with its invention. The term sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto.

There are many types of sonnets. Traditionally, the sonnet is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter, which employ one of several rhyme schemes and adhere to a tightly structured thematic organization.

Today, talking about songwriting, we probably think more of the likes as McCartney, Sir Paul, John Lennon, Sir Elton John, ABBA, the Carpenters Bee Gees & a host of others.

It is said that:
▪ If a song genuinely expresses your feelings, then it’s a good song. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
▪ If a song expresses your feelings AND touches other people, moves them emotionally, or gets them on the dance floor – that’s a  good song with the potential to become a HIT.
To me, songwriting is essentially a touch of inspiration, devoid of musical knowledge or training. It’s an inspiration that consumes your whole being & within minutes a song is born to be sung & enjoyed by all. A song could stir your imagination, make your heart to take flight, make you joyous or sad – & that would be a good song.


I am no songwriter, though I do write quite a bit of poems. Here is below one song I attribute mainly to God’s inspiration: “Without Thee”

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If as man remains in me& I in him, he will bear much fruit; party from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

The lyrics . . .

What will we ever be without Thee
We are all but empty vessels indeed
Without Thee there can’t be any destiny
Only with Thy Sipirit will our bondage be free.

Glory, glory, glorious GodOnly with Thy love
Only with Thy grace
Will we know our fate.

Without Thee nothing will be possible
Nor fruit, nor life, nor spirit of survival
For Thou art the the vine weer’re just the branches
Only with Thy Spirit we’ll be free from the crunches.

Copyright 1992. All rights reserved.

Dedicated to My Love . . .


By Paul Chong
25 July 2018

passion, understand. . . to understand the passion behind this poetic expression, readers need to turn back to read my previous writing entitled “ Kirkby College Memorabilia “ ( Permalink: )

Today here I sit at age 58, no older nor younger
Though as fit & strong as ever
I lack the energy to run for fun
For all the love & fun in the sun.

With all the years gone by
It seems like yesterday I first set eyes
That pretty sweet thing dear to me
That I’ll always cherish for all eternity.

Today I’m refreshed & rejuvenated
With the same passion activated
Content as I am to get your devoted attention
Never ever to forget yesterday’s love & passion.

Living Well, Fit & Healthy

By Paul Chong
A Chinese by Descent
An Australian by Consent

Sunday, 22 July 2018According to the Laws of Nature, everything works systematically: the earth rotates daily on its own axis, the moon goes round the earth monthly, & the earth in turn revolves annually round the sun. If the planetary system were to fail, what kind of catastrophe would occur – your guess would be as good as mine.

By the same token, the train, plane, car engines & all forms of machinery work & function on the same principle of system. In this transformative age, it’s the same with the simple home computer to the super computer. Only one tiny part of the system going wrong is enough to cause chaos.

Physiologically, our human body is no different. I don’t have to be a doctor to understand this simple fact. In the field of sales, I used to instruct my sales force to abide by this golden rule: Simplicity sells, complexity repels. Another golden rule that I stressed: since God gave us two ears & one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we talk. It;s like saying you can win an argument but lose the sale.

In the case of our physical fitness & wellness, whatever the doctor says, I believe in simplicity.
This is the Life’s Formula to go by: ESS.

Let’s expand on this ESS Formula:
E means Eating well & in moderation. You are what you eat. Also Early rising with some form of daily Exercise suited to the age factor. Going further, E would mean living life with Excitement, Enthusiasm & Emotion – the three great Es.

The first letter S means Sleeping well. Just how much sleep is required is often a controversial issue. Personally, I should know my own body better than any doctor. I know when I am well & when I am not without having to consult the doctor. With all the scam about drugs & how doctors & pharmaceuticals work hand in hand in the promotion of drug usage, I stay clear & believe in natural healing. Believe you me, our mind is a powerful weapon in the healing process.

11pm to 3am    Most Blood in the LIVER
Detoxication (4 Hours). SLEEP
3am to 5am    Most Blood in the LUNGS
Breathe in Fresh Air –

5am to 7am    Most Blood in Large
7am to 9am    Most Blood in STOMACH
Breakfast – EAT WELL.

As can be seen from the above daily routine, you should SHIT WELL during the hours of 5 am to 7 am when most blood is in the large intestines. What goes in must come out – expel all the unwanted waste to stay healthy.

Your vehicle will not function if the exhaust pipe is blocked.
We are now the oldest we’ve ever been and yet, the youngest we’ll ever be again. So embrace each moment of your life, make it count, do not let go of what you’ve learned – experience is there for a reason and mistakes are part of it. Remind yourself of the wisdom you’ve gained and, as the years advance, make sure you age with grace.

Please don’t ever neglect your personal grooming. Be well groomed, look smart & clean. Put on a smiling face to attract rather to repel. The worst thing is to reek like garlic or to smell unpleasantly. Stay on your own & be financially independent. Enjoy your family members & have a good close circle of friends. Don’t ever retire . . . be up & doing. In this respect, I like Nike’s advertisement: Just Do It!


There we are, physical fitness & health all in nutshell.

Men’s Fascination With Cars

By Paul Chong    A Chinese By Descent . . . An Australian By Consent
Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ever since the Ford Model T, an automobile produced by Ford Motor Company, in October 1, 1908, men developed an obsessive fascination, a magnificent obsession, for cars. On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth Model T Ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in Highland Park, Michigan. A new world of transportation was born

The rich & famous collect cars by the millions in terms of cash. Among the top car collectors like the Sultan of Johore in Malaysia, the oil rich Sheiks in the Middle East, the Sultan of Brunei undoubtedly stands out supreme Rich beyond most people, he is simply rolling in with oil money & his cars roll in just as quickly as from the factories. All his cars are most unique adorned in gold or silver custom-made for him.

To me, the greater fascination is for the men who designed & built their cars from the ground up. Yesterday morning I met one such character, fort our purpose let’s call him Lester, who works up north in the mines of Western Australia, spending whatever spare time he had over a period of four years with a
stupendous racer as pictured.The engine is Mitsubishi &very other parts of the vehicle is specially crafted. It’s a two-seater with open top equipped more for a “rabbit on the run”.

At Kalamunda Men’s Shed, a place where blokes can meet, share stories, life’s experiences, learn & do stuff in woodwork or metalwork, I met this interesting guy who built this unique vehicle from the ground up. It’s one of its kind, original, Mitsubishi engine with lots of parts designed & built by the owner. Took him four years, while still working at the mines up north. A real personal pride, a piece of art to be admired. Would he sell? Not in a million years!

The Elevator To Success

By Paul Chong         A Chinese by Descent . . . An Australian by Consent

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

To me, success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal & not necessary in monetary sense. The want of money is never ending & often leads on to greed & all kinds of devious means of enrichment. Najib, the recently dethroned prime minister of Malaysia, has been making headlines all for the wrong reasons.For him the vocabulary “kleptocracy” has become to be popularly used. It’s working hard & smart to climb the elevator of success that matters.

DEAR FRIENDS & GENTLE PEOPLE. THOUGHT OF THE DAY: The harder you work, the luckier you get . . . and the smarter you work the quicker is your success.The elevator to success is out of order, there will not be a short cut. You will have to use the stairs – one step at a time. The higher you want to climb the more intelligent effort you must willingly apply.

The key to your success is working hard & smart.

Make sure your goal is your worthy ideal.

Making money is not the be all & end all of your existence.

You may want to excel in music like the famous pianist Lang Lang of China. Then read about how he made it. By no means an easy road to where he is today.

Your ideal may be different & so you tread a different path. The crux of the matter is you will & must persistently apply ever lasting effort.

The road to success may be just around the corner, but you can’t see it till you are there. Should you relinquish before the end, you will fail.

Realise too that there is only a thin line that separates success from failure – that line is the lack of ever lasting effort.

Those who attained success through foul means never last & ultimately will meet with a great fall. Do you remember the famous “Flo-Jo” the American track queen from the 1980 Soeul Olympics? She died early of an unexplained mysterious death. It’s believed that her success was due to drugs.

All’s Well, Ends Well.

Do the right things & live by it.

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Nothing is ever achieved without hard & SMART work . . . a verified truism that cannot be gainsaid.

New Journey to the West


Introducing our granddaughter Stephanie Chong who at a tender age of 10 writes with the skill far beyond her age. She reads voluminously, plays the piano, smart & most creative.

New Journey To The West
Singapore International School (Hong Kong), Chong, Stephanie – 10

Life is so boring here, “Sun Wukong grumbled as he lay sprawled on the ground, scratching his furry belly, “can’t we do something other than sitting here all day?” he pleaded with Xuanzhang who promptly shot the monkey a stern look that made him bolt upright.

“Well, what would you suggest?” Xuanzhang sagely replied. In response, Sun Wukong grunted & slumped back down, “I miss the old days,” he thought wistfully. At that moment there was a curt knock on the door. Hastily, Sun Wukong scrumbled to his feet. Maybe whoever was knocking at the door has something interesting to share, something more interesting than sitting on the tiled floor of the temple . . .

Outside he found one of the dutiful servants of the King of Heaven. “His majesty would like to inform you that your next mission is to help the citizens of Hong Kong.”

Their visitor then went on to describe the dire situation facing those people in the city who were forced to reside in cramped subdivided flats, and that the monk & his disciples were tasked to find a way to help them. Instantly, Sun Wukong bounded out of the temple & on the way to find the rest of their troop.

Sha Wujing stood bewildered, his mouth hanging open as Sun Wukong leapt around him in excitement, waving his staff wildly.

“Come on! We have a new mission,” he exclaimed with a screech.

Nearby Zhu Bajie, the greedy pig, was blissfully stuffing food from the alter into mouth as fast as humanly possible, taking no notice of the commotion that was going on around him. Before either of t5hem could protest, Su Wukong grabbed both of them & grabbed them out towards XuanZhang who was perched atop a waiuting cloud.

Soon after, the four were descending towards the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong. Gently the cloud carried them through the window of a crumbling apartment building. What they saw bamboozled them. This sparsely-furnished room that felt no bigger than a postage stamp 2as surely too small to be somebody’s living quarters. just then the door opened & a skinny girl dresed in a school uniform. When she caught sight of the four she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Who are you?” she stammered, confused. Xuanzhang smiled awkwardly before introducing himself & his posse.
“I’m Alice, the girl whispered.
“Why are you living in this awful place?” Sun Wukong blurted out as Sha Wujing elbowed him in the ribs.
“At least this one has a bathroom” she replied. “My family & I are being kicked out next week because we can’t pay our rent!” she whispered & wiped away her tears before adding, “We’ll have to live on the streets!”

At once they sprung up to life & Zhu Bajie exclaimed. “Don’t6 despair! It is our honour to help you!” Alice gasped in wonder as one by one they climbed the wispy cloud & were soon whisked off to Government House.

“We do have one possible solution,” Carrie Lam stated. The four soon learnt from her that, rather bizarrely, houses could be made out of those funny big metal boxes they’d see piled high on gargantuan ships as they passed over the South China Sea. And the best part was that they took up so little space. What6 an ingenious idea! Furthermore, the Government of the Netherlands has agreed to provide them for free, but on the one condition that Hong Kong could show evidence that they possessed sufficient land. Fortunately Sha Wujing recalled spotting a seemingly deserted island not far from Hong Kong. There was only one thing for it! The four clambered atop their cloud again eager to depart for Amsterdam.

Much to their delight, the gang soon glimpsed the mysterious island. But was it claimed? As they descended to have a closer look, they were rudely greeted by a rotund man who shook his fist & then proceeded to hurl rocks at them. “This is my island & you’re trespassing!” he bellowed as he leaned against a rusty faded sign declaring “Property of HKSAR Government” to catch his breath.

“We’ll see about!” Sun Wukong muttered under his breath to his friends as they took off back to the clear blue sky.

After a long & arduous journey, they finally arrived at the city of canals & bicycles. Upon hearing of their fantastic plans, the Government agreed at once to provide the valueable containers. The clouds above them changed from wispy to round & puffy & came to form one big cloud. They loaded the containers on & Xaunzhang expertly wound miles of rope to secure them. Proudly, they climbed on top ready to return to Hong Kong

“Homeward bound!” Zhu Bajie snorted. The clouds seemed to huff & puff as they retraced their journey. They travelled day & night with no rest with the exception of Zhu Bajie who collapsed against an annoyed Sun Wukong, drooling & wnorting loudly.. After three days they finally reached their destination!

“Drop the containers!” cSun Wukong boldly commanded. They seemed to rain down like a meteor shower & amazed citizens young & old pressed their noses to their windows to see what was going on. The containers plunked down onto the sandy shore of the island, & best of all, the greedy little man! At the sight of this, Sun Wukong cheered. He certainly gotten what he deserved. As it by magic, all the televisions in Hong Kong cracked to life. Even before Carrie Lam could finish proudly declaring that those in subdivided flats had been gifted with new bigger & better accommodation, cheers & whoops could be heard across the territory. A stampede of grateful families outside ahd, one by one, the container houses were rightfully claimed. In the crowd Sun Wukong spotted Alice& her family weeping tears o joy. He grinned to himself, glad to have made a difference to their lives of those less well-off.

AUSTRALIA – Towards the Year 2000 and Beyond

By Paul Chong      A Chinese by Descent . . . An Australian by Consent

I penned this article in 1990 published in my little book entitled “How to Have Motivation Unlimited. Interestingly, much of what I wrote came true. Here’s the full text:

Australia, the world “down under” has often been referred to as The Lucky Country. In a recent survey conducted by the Travel and Business Newsletter “International Living”, Australia rates number one when it comes to climate & recreation, literacy & personal freedom, & fifth best placed in the world to live after the US, Switzerland, Canada & Sweden, in that order. For climate & recreation, Australia rates a perfect 100, along with France, Italy & the US. In terms of political & civil freedom, Australia is one, out of the perfect 100. Economically however, out of the 167 nations surveyed, Australia is not so healthy & finishes down the list agt number 32 with a 34.21 score.

This economic rating does not stand to reason. Australia was the richest country in the world in 1885 & 1900, but after more than 50 years it was overtaken & replaced by the US & Canada. Since then we have continued our economic slip & further down the ladder.

It is likely that the neighbouring asian countries like Singapore will overtake us within the foreseeable future. As it is, we are third behind Brunei & Japan in per capital wealth, & that is after being the rich man of Aia for so very long. Such economic ills have prompted Mr Paul Keating, the Federal Treasurer, to come out with the term ”Banana Republic”. Paul Keating

Whatever you call Australia, it is undoubtedly a great land with tremendous potential. We are richly endowed with iron, coal, gold, natural gas,
among others, Such endowment is comparatively & more abundantly than any other country globally. But abundant resources alone will notensure the well being of the country. The strength of the nation rests essentially with the make of the people. It takes the right kind of peopleto make the economy work
Evidently, the development of human resources is of paramount importance to the growth & progress of the nation.

Now, more than ever,is rge time for us to re-think & RE-EXAMINE OUR FEELING resulting in our action in relation to our life & future of our nation. WE CANNOT GROW BY THINKING DOWN. Only progressive thinking makes way for growth & progress.The develpoment of human resources must take on the positive aspects of our thinking. Very fundament, revolutionary and large-scale radical reforms must be incorporated into our education system at all levels,from the first day in school to the last day at university. The objective directed towards motivating people to show a personal responsibility and individual initiative in raising the standards in all fields of human endeavour.

Being an Australian must mean the realisation total involvement in the spirit of free enterprise and enjoying facing the challenge of that GREAT TOMORROW more than the complacency of yesterdy. The nation needs to call a different tune and inculcate the nation of survival of the fittest.

Everyone, irrespective of color, class or creed, is important in the task ahead. Whatever future awaits Australia awaits each and everyone of us,the Aborigines and the Asians, and the reverse is also true. The Asians who have come here in search of greener pasture are totally committed to the GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM.

We must think,and think right. When the famous doctor, Albert Schweitzer, was once asked: ‘What’s wrong with man today?’ he merely replied seriously: “MAN SIMPLY DON’T THINK.’

This reminds me of a story…

A preacher was once caught with constant interruptions by his little boy who kept coming to him in his study with questions and answers. He was busy preparing his sermon for the next day and could hardly be disturbed. In order to gain time he gave the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle depicting the countries of the world. ‘That should keep him quiet for a while,’ he mused. To his surprise, his little boy soon solved the puzzle. ‘Smart little fellow you are. How did you do that?’ His little boy quite simply replied: ‘The puzzle of the world map is too difficult for me. But on the reverse side is picture of a man, and that’s easy enough for me to piece together. So when I pieced the man together, the world map was fixed.’


How easy it is to blame the world at large! How very easy it is to point your finger at others.


Australia is the latest pioneering outpost and probably the last and greatest frontier in man’s journey away from provincialism. The coming and going of the Bicentennial should spell greater hope, dreams and aspirations for one and all who are totally committed to zeal and enthusiasm, strength and tenacity and courage. We cannot to say ‘SHE’LL BE RIGHT, MATE,’and then take things easy. Malcolm Fraser, a former prime minter, once said: ‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy.’

Australia, for all its past glories,must be judged on the basis of its potential and the way that the people will respond to the tremendous challenge ahead. It takes each and everyone of us to create peace, harmony and prosperity.

Someone coined these beautiful mnemonics for the word


A   A
U  United
S   Society
T   Transmitting
R   Righteousness

A   And
L   Love

I    In
A   Action

Whatever the circumstances, if we pull together :

In achieving the GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM , this nation needs to appraise, accept and adopt the many different cultures, skills and talents that the Australian immigrants have to offer for the enrichment and advancement of this immigrant nation. Whether white or black, yellow or brown, we deeply need one another if we are really to become a strong nation, and to achieve our identity, our maturity as men and women.

As mentioned, Australia has a great reputation in the world as one of the best places to live. As such, it has a tremendous attraction for immigrants. The world is at our feet and we can afford to be selective and reap just the cream from any country. Apart from qualitative selection, the immigrant program can be stepped up quantitatively without detriment, irrespective of colour or creed.


A unique AUSTRALIAN CULTURE can then evolve through the blending and mixing of the many different cosmopolitan cultures present in our midst. Together we can lead the way and show this troubled world what true peace and harmony is all about. We can make this a better world to live in for all future generations in the year 2000 and beyond. This could be our GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM.

Australia could have been an Asian country geographically being largely surrounded by Asian neighbours. With the rise of China as a great economic power with a teeming population of 1.4 billion population, it makes sense for Australia to draw closer to China. By shifting its focus towards China bountiful harvest will be our advantage.

It’s wise to jump off sinking ships & get on board the floating vessels. The greatness of the West is waning while China & other neighbouring Asian countries are economically shining in glory.


Living Harmoniously

By Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent   An Australian by Consent

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Human beings are by nature gregarious, mixing freely wherever & whatever their colour, class or creed. Our behaviour is dictated by our natural feeling. I surmise that it is through external intervention or interference that made us deviate from the norm.

It’s a crazy world we live in today. Everything is turned topsy turvy, upside down & downside up. Nothing is normal or as nature designed it. The human mind is the devil’s workshop subject to the negative influence of other people . . . likened to sheep being led astray or in the right direction depending on its shepherd/leader. The power of indoctrination & propaganda is strong & irresistible. It can upset & destroyed a whole nation without firing a single shot.

It is God’s plan that we should come together & live in peace & harmony. As in 1 Peter 3:8, it says: “Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another.” If different instruments can be assembled together in the orchestra got produce beautiful music, under the baton of a good & professional conductor. Same musical piece can differ greatly depending upon the calibre of the conductor.

It’s laughable to think that God created things as one unit, but man in his ingenuity & utter justification divide & sub-divide one unit into many causing further aggravation & problems, e.g. the question of marriage & divorce. As a consequence, offspring suffer.

Religiously, Jesus founded but one Church, but today there are as many churches as there people with the Romanm Catholics claiming to be the only true church. The pope herein is the be all & end all of being the earthly supreme. There was a historical time when pope went to wars with sword on one hand & the bible with the other.

Likewise, Prophet Mohammed fought many a war with his right hand holding the the sword& his left holding the Koran. Today, they are fighting among themselves – one religious against another. The first centuries of Islam gave rise to three major sects: Sunnis, Shi’as and Kharijites. … For instance, Sunnis are separated into four schools of jurisprudence, namely, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali. Shi’a, on the other hand, is divided into three major sects known as Fivers, Seveners and Twelvers.

In the political arena, the West claim themselves to have the superior political system, breeding in turn democracy, meritocracy, kleptocracy . . . with chaos reigning within as well as without. “Divide & rule” is the policy & practice, rightly or wrongly you see chaos everywhere. Discipline & order demand control, for extreme freedom breeds nothing but problems. As can be seen in Malaysia, polarisation sets about marginalisation, prohibition, discrimination, apartheid & segregation . . . all on the basis of rationalisation & justification.

Traditionary, we know of that famous saying: “Spare the rod & spoil the child”. Its truth cannot be gainsaid. The West would claim any such practices as authoritarian, condemning it & interfere with their weapons of mass destruction. Iraq & Libya were such victims. Obey or face the wrath.

President Xi Jinping of China & US President Donald Trump

Today conflicts exist between America’s “Trumpology” & China’s “Xiplomacy”. The question is who will ultimately triumph. The fight is on!