Life’s Three Es

Life’s Three Es

Paul Chong  

Sunday, 11 July 2021

A child is generally happy & cheerful . . . full of spirit, energy, enthusiasm & emotionally focused on things he pursues. My grandson Nathanael (13) for instance, once he settled, he would be most reluctant & agitated to be pulled aside to do something else. He’s most single-mindedness in all his engagements.

As we grow older, we tend to lose our spirit bit by bit as a result from the pitfalls in life. Life of course is not a bed of roses, for even with the prettiest rose bush, thorns are all over.

It is well worth to remember that success is relatively simple . . . it’s just fools like to complicate matters to justify for their own failure. Then too, no man can really succeed solely by accident or luck. Real success depends a great deal upon his ability & capacity & how much of his potential he develops & uses. Also I believe in making things simple, for simplicity sells & complexity repels. Stickability comes into play . . . never to die until you’re dead.

From the womb to the tomb there is but one room. Make that room really worthwhile for you to rest in peace. 

The qualitative & quantitative of life depends much on your input. Apart from working both hard & smart, you’d need  the catalyst of the Three Es . . . which are Excitement, Enthusiasm & Emotion. They are essentially the fuel & energy that keep the fire of life burning. An old entrepreneur was once asked “How are you today?” He simply replied “I am feeling better & better each day . . . any better I’ll be perfect.” That’s his mindset or attitude.

When you get up first thing in the morning, be thankful & grateful to God that you are still alive. You are as energetic & spirited to brave the storm of life.

Modern life brings on lots of sufferings, strife & fear. Are you an overcomer or you are overcome particularly by the prevailing Civid-19 pandemic. Not seeming to go away over the last couple of years, we may have to learn to live with it, as what Singapore government is ready planning to do for the safety & security of its population.

I often like to say “Grow up but don’t
 grow old” which is chronologically impossible. However, we can be like young children who play all day without worry or care . . . with all the energy consumed with excitement, enthusiasm & emotion.

Live . . . don’t merely exist.

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