Let Go & Let God

Paul Chong                                        Saturday 4/11/2017.

Whatever our past, Whatever our present
Guide us not to our future.
We are all completely in God’s hands .
It’s only wise & rational to place our faith & trust absolutely in Him – our Creator & Provider.
Irrespective of who we are, rich or poor, powerful or weak, intelligent or otherwise,we like to feel & think that we are invincible & in full control of our destiny . . . never realising that right from the womb to the tomb there’s but one room . . .a one-way ticket in our life’s journey. Whoever we are, whatever we do, there’s no return journey. That room of 6 by 3 by 6 is our resting place of R I P.

What’s next is ETERNITY. For some life’s journey is smooth & easy without major upheavals or hazards. The privilege of old age is not shared by all. Even then there’s a time limit of how long we can live.
For others life is a constant struggle for survival. Like a little boat setting out to sea, it has to brave the storm. The perils of life’s journey can either make us or break us. The weak will tumble & fall, only the tough get going.

Life is not the same for us all. Why? You may ask. God in all His mightiness made us all different. I have no answer here. It’s an eternal question. Faith is all the substance needed.They say that the good die young & evil live on. Does this notion stand up to reasoning? A small child is told by the father to jump & he would catch him in his protective arms. Safety is assured when he is around. The child should heed the father & not take the risk of jumping when the father is absent. We are all children of God. Our future rests with Him. It’s our own doubt that lands us in calamities.

Man’s ingenuity & intelligence can go only so far. There’s a limit in what medical science can achieve.
We need God.Man cannot conquer the impossibilities God alone can conquer them all. So let go & let God. May God’s grace & mercy be upon you on your life’s journey. This life is only temporary. Let’s take God’s hands towards life’s eternity which I forever & ever. The great oak tree grew from a tiny acorn. Faith is that tiny seed which will assure your great eternity.


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