Birth Control Pills & Grandma

Paul Chong                                      Tuesday, 31 January 2017

gty_birthcontrol_pill_mem_151112In a lighter vein today I like to share with you a delightful joke which I received in the mail. They say that laughter is good for the heart. It sort of draws a smile instead of a growl & makes the crowd roar with laughter.
The story relates a grandma to her young new doctor.

The doctor of an 80-year-old grandma had finally retired. Therefore, at the elderly lady’s next checkup, the new doctor told her to bring a list of all the medicines that had been prescribed for her.
As the young doctor was looking through them, his eyes grew wide as he realized that the little old Grandmother had a prescription for birth control pills.
“Mrs. Smith, you do realize that these are birth control pills?”
“Yes, doctor. They really help me sleep at night.”
“Mrs. Smith”, he said, flabbergasted, “I assure you there is absolutely NOTHING in these that could possibly help you sleep!”
The old lady reached out and patted the innocent, young doctor’s knee:
“Yes, dear. I understand. But believe me. They definitely help me sleep at night . . .”

“. . . You see, every morning, I grind one up and mix it in the glass of orange juice that my 16-year-old granddaughter drinks!”

Don’t you think that she’s a very wise & crafty grandma?
Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . . LOL!


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