Crisis Breeds Opportunities for Russia

By Paul Chong A Chinese by Descent, An Australia by Consent
Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Vladimir Putin – Russia’s Unyielding Man

To every action there’s the usual opposite reaction. Such is the Law of Nature which operates in every sphere of our lives. Seeds of opportunities are sown by crisis, and progressive human beings are quick to perceive these seeds of opportunities. Negative people see nothing & are drown further in the quadmire.

Putin’s Russia has been assaulted by the US & its European running dogs & UK too without exception. They are all out to kill Russia with economic sanctions & political seclusion . . . the result of which has seen the Russian rouble tumbling down to 50%. Can Russia withstand the onslaught? Will it fight back? Whatever is conceived can be most frightening. The West obviously is dangerously pushing towards the nuclear warfare. If it must be, it will be the end of mankind to say the least. There will be no winner or loser!

The unexpected result is a closer liaison between China & Russia. China has indicated it would help Russia, so what is the rest of the world going to respond? The alliance is stronger than ever – a formidable force.

War is never a solution. War destroys rather than builds. Putin is not a man to fool with, and under his calm disposition, wisdom dwells, strategies abound & pretty sure he can still wave his magic wand.

Russia’s rich resources of oil & gas must not be their total economic dependents. Diversification of productivity is raising its head to the rescue.

Russia faced crises before in no small measures. In the 1990s, 2008, and especially 1998 when Russia defaulted on its bonds. Rouble plunged sharply & crisis seemingly worsened. Russian leadership learnt one of the most important lessons of survival that along that along with dangers, crises also present opportunities.

With 30% fall in oil prices brought on by the present crisis, Russia just needs to push forth its diversification program & diversify its economy away from its dependence on exporting natural resources. Newepoilicies, innovations & ideas would flow & crisis will be overcome & the nation will take a different path of growth & progress.

A country of pride would rather die on its feet than live on its knees.

Source: China Daily


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