China: National Memorial Day (Nanjing Massacre Victims) 3 December

By Paul Chong
A Chinese by Descent
An Australian by Consent
Tuesday, 16 December 2014



Historical Background to the Japanese Arrogance & Atrocities in respect of the Nanjing Massacre/The Rape of Nanjing

The Chinese, the oldest existing civilisations in the world, once held the belief that their Emperors were “Sons of Heaven”, as descended from Heaven. In fact, the Emperor was the only one who had the privilege & access to pray to the Heavenly Father, as evidenced by the incredible grand old structure of the Temple of Heaven in the Forbidden City. He had the absolute power & authority
to rule over mankind.


Temple of Heaven

The Japanese, through cultural influence by the Chinese, adopted & adapted many of the traditions as practised by the Chinese as in writing, attire & beliefs. The truth goes beyond the pages of history of a group of hundred young men & women who were sent to Japan by Emperor Qi Huang-ti in search of the medical herb of longevity. Not finding it & for fear of being beheaded back in China, never returned but settled down where they were in Japan. I cannot vouch for the truth of the legend or story, but it’s popularly passed down from generation to generation.

These Japanese, living in the confine of little island nation, always had (perhaps still have) the audacity & arrogance of claiming themselves to be the master of their Asian counterparts. The Chinese were looked down by them as the “sick men of Asia”. Only the Japanese , believed as they did (or do), had the power & heavenly authority to deliver them from the grip & influence of other western nations.

Despite China’s & South Korea’s warnings, displeasure & disapproval, Japanese cabinet ministers (led by their Prime Minister) continue to pay annual homage & honour
to their war dead at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. These dead warriors were in fact war criminals of the Second World War.

This provocative act is a direct face slap to the Chinese & the Koreans, whose not only the men but the women as well suffered great atrocities & shame at the Japanese hands during WW2. Hundreds & thousands of women were forced & victimised as “Comfort Women” for the pleasure of the Japanese soldiers. Till today no apologies have been forthcoming from the Japanese let alone monetary compensations. To them, this never happened!


Despite evidences of documentations & living testimonies of the war sufferers, the Japanese maintain that the “Rape of Nanjing” never happened or that the number of murders & killings was much less than 300,000. They even have the audacity to erase much of these evil happenings from the present pages of their history . . . so that the young would never learn of the evilness of the Japanese.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall in Nanjing

After 77 years of such historical plight, perhaps a little late, but nevertheless a step in the right direction to bear down on the Japanese authorities & their emperor to remind them of their evilness.
For the first time, the Chinese authorities have initiated, instituted & dedicated a National Memorial Day for the Nanjing Massacre Victims.

December 13 would be declared a public holiday, also as remembrance of the “Comfort Women”.

UnknownWould Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, & grandson of the former war criminal who escaped persecution & punishment, continue to deny & ignore this atrocious criminal act?


National Memorial Day – a sign of frostiness with Japan.


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