Perth Hills – Spectacular Sunset

Paul Chong / Saturday, 13 December 2014


A picture is worth a thousand words


Just look at the pictures
Taken by Yours Truly
with a simple digital camera
29 April – 20 May 2013

The Golden Sunset

As I look out towards the city
And behold the sunset in all its beauty’
Streaks of red, orange, yellow and gold
The magnificence of colours gradually unfolds.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe lights below slowly twinkle on
Seeming to respond in a song
As the sky slowly darkens
The multitude of lights brighten.

Like all good things twilight fades
Darkness & night come in their wake
How fleeting must this all be
SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALike all the wonders that we see.

Sunser precedes the dawn of a new day
Brave yourself, be glad & pray
The dark hours will soon pass
Dawn & sunrise will even surpass.

Paul Chong
Sunday 7 July 1991



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