Chinese Female Soldiers: People’s Liberation Army


Paul Chong / Monday, 24 November 2014

. . . Brain . . . Brawn . . .  Beauty

FOREIGN201410130833000185628736921 FOREIGN201410130833000186268488985 FOREIGN201411200920000286330213871

. . . Brain, Brawn and Beauty

There’s a Chinese saying “Eyes can see but hands must not touch”.

With respect of personal privacy & to prevent the roaming eyes of wolves,

their names are withheld.

FOREIGN201411200920000275303184181Chinese female soldiers on show for the first time publicly.

Female soldiers appear in the honour guard of Chinese People’s Liberation Army for the first time. (Photo/

They are beautiful, attractive & attention grabbing.

Are they just for show or action?

They sure add glamour to the fighting spirit.

In fact, they are trained to kill!

Also the magazine Life of PLA has unveiled some of the most fascinating & beautiful females around (As seen above).

If they are as pretty as they look, they must be good in fighting too.


Female pilots flying J-10 fighters give a fantastic performance at the 10th Zhuhai International Air Show. (Photo/ KJ.81.CN)


The Liaoning aircraft carrier welcomes nearly 100 female soldiers. (Photo/ Xinhua)


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