Colourful Life of Chinese Seniors

Paul Chong / Thurs.20 November 2014

Never too old . . .

Never too old having fun

The number of people aged 60 and above in China is expected to jump from the current 185 million to 487 million, or 35 percent of the population, by 2053, according to figures from the China National Committee On Aging.

The expanding ratio is due both an increase in life expectancy – from 41 to 73 over five decades – and by family planning policies that limit most urban families to a single child. This policy has just been changed to allow for one more, if either of the spouse comes from a one-child family.

Rapid aging poses serious threats to the country’s social and economic stability, as the burden of supporting the growing number of elderly passes to a proportionately shrinking working population and the social safety net remains weak.

Advances in healthcare and nutrition, combined with the one child policy, have led to rapid aging of China’s population. But looking on the bright side, Chinese people now have a longer life expectancy with economic and social development. China has become a country with an increasing number of seniors. Senior citizens actively take part in all kinds of social activities and sports after their retirement. Let’s have a look at their colourful lives.

Life takes on a more colourful aspect upon retirement . . . interesting recreational activities for which there was never enough time to engage in when young & working. The important thing is they now have time to do the things they want to & not have to.

There has been a growing tendency to see the Chinese damas who practice line dancing with loud & noisy disturbances. In fact, there are many courageous and helpful damas in China, who bring warmth and a lot of positive energy to the society.

chinese-chess-3 Playing Chinese Chess


Practising Tai Chi




PingPong (Table tennis)



You’re really getting old when you stop having fun.

For life goes on!


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