Beijing – Shanghai New High Speed Train


New Chinese High-Speed Train . . . unbelievable!

Train @ station 24

The world owe much to China, more than they can ever pay back. China is buying and or building something all around the world. They are building all kinds of structures all over China. They are debt free, and they don’t have anyone shooting at them and no wars to fight . . . instead spreading peace & goodwill & sharing prospects of prosperity!

Do we still doubt that China is heading towards becoming a mega super power in a decade or two?

No doubt at all.

Regarding railroads, the USA, the UK and others are still living in the Dark ages.

In China travelling by the new high-speed train is comparable to air travel, not as fast though, but in terms of comfort, convenience, cost & no hassle or rush, it scores well.

Boarding Train 5 Train @ station & crowd 16 Streamline Front 7 Seated & waving 8

Passengers boarding

Train Terminal 29


Terminal 2

Ultra Modern Rail Terminal (Multi-Tracks)

Train at Station 27

Train Speed 13

Beijing-Shanghai highspeed rail – Beijing departure station.

The train speed is 350 km/hr.

Crew to Board 6

Attendant in Uniform 17

The crew to board the Beijing-Shanghai highspeed train . . . looking more like air hostesses

Reclining seats 18

Seats 23


Seats 22

Passengers comfort 14

Comfort 2 - 15

The trains have 1st class, business and VIP cars, as well as economy class of course –

all with all means of comfort . . .


Hand washing-11

There are also dedicated disabled areas, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and corridors.

Serving food 9

The crew is serving food on trolley like in the plane

Eating compartment 12

Eat, drink & dine Or sit & gaze all in comfort

Journey time between Beijing & Shanghai for the 1318 km run, is 4 hours and 48 minutes.

The full fare: second-class seat 555 yuan (£55), first-class seat 935 yuan (£93).

The dawn of a new age in train travel.

You’ve just got to take a ride to realise how fast & smooth the journey is like.


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