China’s Railway Connecting New Silk Road in Turkey

(People’s Daily Online)    September 24, 2014


Ankara-Istanbul high-speed rail. (Photo/Xinhua)

China, apart from developing its own high-speed train network within the country, it has gone out globally marketing this technology.

This connection is the first of the many other proposals to materialise. It’s just the beginning . . .

China Railway Construction has finished the second stage of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed rail project in Turkey, which is also the first high-speed railway line in the country. It entered service on July 25, 2014.

This success marked the start of China Railway Construction going global, presenting China’s advanced equipment, high technology, sound designs and construction abilities.

Recently, a People’s Daily reporter took a trip on this railway. After buying a ticket for 30 Turkish liras (equivalent to $13.7), he had the opportunity to take a closer look at the project. The livery is a similar white to China’s Harmony Express, and the design is streamlined at the front. There were in total of 6 carriages with 10 rows of seats in each. 4 adjustable seats were available in each row. The carriages were full when the train left the station.

A young Turkish man spoke to our reporter: “I was so excited to try this new train. I used to take planes to work before. It was a real waste of time and money . This new railway is so convenient, comfortable and cost-effective. Many of my friends like it too.”

As a result of this project, more and more Turks will have deeper understanding of and more positive feelings towards China. Ersin, the general director of Turkey’s ministry of foreign affairs in the Middle East and Asia Pacific affairs department, told our reporter: “We Turks support cooperation among the countries along the Silk Road, and we look forward to the development of transportation, logistics, investment and commerce. Turkey is making a positive effort to achieve cooperation and substantial progress in multiple fields. “

The article is edited and translated from《中国高铁,助力土耳其联通“新丝路”(第一现场)》, source: People’s Daily, author: Liu Rui


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