Mysterious Pyramids of China

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Scientists have always claimed that there are no pyramids except pagodas in China, unlike Egypt or Mexico.Though only discovered in the 20th century, they had been built just as long ago as ancient Egypt.

These days Google Earth can reveal all unknown landscape from the sky. They are placed near the city of Hsien-yang north-west of Xi’an where a “pyramid nest” exists, as shown by satellite images.

The biggest one has a length at the base of about 219 to 230 meters, corresponding to the size as those in Egypt and Mexico.

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Interestingly, there is this “White Pyramid” near Xi’an first published in 1947. It is the well known Maoling Mausoleum of the Emperor Han Wudi who reigned from 140 – 87 B.C. Deep within China near the ancient capitol of Xi’an lies a series of pyramid mounds virtually unknown outside the China. Entwined with the reality of these remote tombs, lies a legend of an even greater pyramid seldom seen; a pyramid of such size and grandeur as to put all the other pyramids of the world to shame. This is the legend of the “White Pyramid” of China.

Qin Shih Huangdi, the emperor who lived from 259 to 210 B.C., is said to be the great architect & builder as with the Great Wall of China.

China’s Great Pyramids Controversy

Despite speculation about the existence of great pyramids in China, archaeologists and bureaucrats have refused to consider even the rumours about such structures. But recent pictorial evidence proves that China’s pyramids are indeed real, rivalling those of Egypt and Central America for their age, size and significance

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Hartwig Hausdorf, a researcher in Germany, sent over these photographs from his collection, taken during his 1994 trip to the Forbidden Zone in The Shensi Province in China. Estimates for an age are 4,500 years old, but Hausdorf mentions the diaries of two Australian traders who, in 1912, met an old Buddhist monk who told them these pyramids are mentioned in the 5,000 year old records of his monastery as being “very old.”

It’s most intriguing is that around 5000 b.c, everyone in the world was building pyramids just like everyone today build 4 walled houses and skyscrapers.

It’ll be great if the Chinese pyramids would be further investigated by archeologists. Interestingly, did these ancient peoples coincidentally build the pyramids all over the world at almost the same time frame without having any contact with each other or did they collaborate with each other?

Also, why would our ancestors build something that can last thousands of years. They must have planned that. No skyscraper will last more than 100 or more years.

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