The Plight Of Mankind

human rights
human rights (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


The plight of mankind


The sight of human suffering & atrocities


Are all too much to bear!

Faces of human plight


A new human wave is catching on . . . to arrest this plight of mankind both near & far.


Born out of the essence of care & concern


Of people who do care


Over great human suffering


resulting from wars & conflict . . . deprivation & oppression . . .


loss of human pride & dignity . . . driven out of homes & homeland . . .


fighting hunger & survival . . . keeping body & soul together . . .

human rights & liberties . . .


the list just goes on & on. 


Alone you are weak & feeble


Together we are strong & powerful


To fight & lobby for your human rights


Not to cower before any master


Nor bend by any threat.


We stand by your human pride & dignity


And help to restore all rights & justices.


To win it . . . You’ve got to be in it.


Asian Australian Initiative . . . AAI . . . it’s all for YOU!

Youtube Video: Angelina Jolie: World on Fire (Save Darfur)




Paul Chong



Mobile: 0411 589 888



Kids Playing without worry & care!




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